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All DragonPriest's masks retextured and 15 new craftable masks !

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Psychosteve's DragonPriest Masks | V 3.3

AT LAST!!!!! Here is the 3.3 version of the Dragonpriest Masks' mod !

Thanks to everyone for your support...and most important, for your patience!

See the change Log for more details about the update.

I've put a lot of hard work and love in this mod so far and i wanted to thank all players for their

comments and critics on the previous versions. This version is the next big step...

I wanted a more complete mod for YOU ALL to enjoy. I hope you'll like it !

I've changed all the texture's path in every meshe files (Dragonborn masks included)...

so this version shouldn't have any issue with the Bethesda HD texture pack's bug or any

other mod using the original masks.

This version is compatible with the Nexus Mod Manager installer.

Upcoming updates

I will update this mod ASAP :

  • Miraak's mask (Dragonborn DLC)
  • 6 new masks (total of 21 : 7 heavy - 7 light - 7 for mages)
  • New masks for Argonians (male & female)...if i can
  • New masks for Khajiits (male & female)...if i can

...stay tuned !

  • for those who have issues with crafting (not be able to craft the masks) use the BSA version
  • of the mod
  • I'm using the Realistic Lighting With Customization mod + my own custom config
  • Psychosteve's Custom Realistic Lighting (screenshots are darker and less saturated)
  • There are few small clipping issues for some hoods equiped with some armors / outfits.
  • I took the original meshes and add the masks on them...the clippings were already on the original
    game's meshes !
  • the new masks are not made for Argonians and Khajiit for now...i will fix it soon
  • (but you can use the "classic" masks who are compatible for all races / genders)
  • All my new masks are not enchanted. I don't wanted to give overpowerd magic items but
  • i wanted to give you the possibility to make your own magical masks... so feel free to enchant
    them as you like and to rename them !
  • Some changes have been made with the CK (v3.2.2). All masks labeled as [ orc ] are not in
  • the crafting / temper list anymore...sorry if you have to craft those again but it was the only way
    to optimize the mod. Now there is only two 3D objects per mask (new mask + classic version) in
    the crafting menu for a lighter list... but don't worry all races (exept Beast races for now) are
    wearing the right masks for their own race / gender.

My mod (v2.1) on Skyrim Mods weekly :

Enjoy !!

What's in the box ??

  • new ESP / BSA files
  • 1024 x 1024 textures
  • 10 original retextured masks
  • 10 original retextured hoods
  • 15 new craftable masks (Daedric perk needed)
  • 15 new hoods
  • 3 retextured Dragonborn masks (Acolytes)
  • 3 retextured Dragonborn hoods (Acolytes)
  • unique normal map for each mask
  • unique hood for each mask
  • enchanting masks enabled
  • humans / elves / orcs only compatible (for now)
  • clipping fixed (unfortunatly not for all clothes / armors...stll working on it)
  • 15 craftable "classic" masks for all races/ genders


  • Uninstall any previous version of this mod before !
  • Download the version of your choice : Vanilla (without Dragonborn DLC) OR Dragonborn
  • (only for those who have the DLC)
  • Use Nexus Mod Manager and follow the steps
  • Choose your pack between Basic (only basic textures) OR Ultra (basic textures + craftable masks)
  • OR Manually extract the files into your Skyrim/Data/ folder
  • Start the Skyrim launcher and go to your mod list
  • check DragonPriestmasks if not already done

IMPORTANT : For those who still want to use the 2.1 version (outdated but still working)

Now you can use the v3.3 ("Vanilla" or "Dragonborn") with "basic" option to install only the
textures like the v2.1 (but only in ESP / BSA more loose files), just follow the install
steps above


  • Just uninstall the mod with Nexus Mod Manager
  • OR
  • Manually delete the dragonpriestmasks ESP and BSA files from your Skyrim/Data/ folder
  • OR... if still using v2.1
  • Manually delete all content from your Skyrim/Data/meshes/armor/dragonpriesthelms and
  • Skyrim/Data/textures/armor/dragonpriesthelm folders


Thanks to :

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