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Wear the Dragon Priest Masks on the side of your head so they don't obscure your face.

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4/4/17 My mod reached Hot Files guys!!! After filtering out nudity...

(Skip to 9:22 for my mod)
Thank you VatiWah!

A little mod I decided to make because I hadn't seen anyone attempt it but here it is!

Have you ever wanted to wear a Dragon Priest mask without it obscuring your character's pretty face? Do you still want to wear it and have it worn somewhere where it makes more sense to benefit from its enchantment and armor rating (sort of)? Or do you just want to wear it more stylishly? Well, here you go! Now you can wear the Dragon Priest masks without them covering your entire face, having them make more sense to gain their enchantments, and looking more stylish at the same time!

I know my pictures mostly showcase women but my mod also works for males too! And the beast races! Custom races also work too (if they have DefaultRace or any vanilla playable race as their ArmorRace). Clipping may be involved but if there is anything major, please let me know.

Where to get them?
Craft them with an original Dragon Priest mask at a smithing forge. You can revert them back to their original form by using one of my masks and a leather. Thanks to the clever idea of Warmongers Armory with its belt masks.

None, but the optional files do. They're not technically requirements, like Master files (because they're just textures), but I redirected the texture paths of the Texture Sets I created for the side Dragon Priest masks to match the files paths of the textures used for the aforementioned mod "requirements". If you try to use any of the optional files without one of the mods specified, textures will be missing regardless.

Install directly to the data folder or use a mod manager. Doesn't matter what order the optional files and requirement textures need to be installed.

Go to a smithing forge and turn any side Dragon Priest masks back to their normal state or you will lose them. Delete SideDragonPriestMasks.esp and any SDPM_....esps still on. Delete all of the files in the meshes\armor\imacobra\dragonpriesthelms\ directory.

My masks do not replace the original Dragon Priest Masks (initially). They need to be crafted with the very masks themselves. With this, no vanilla records are edited so it should be compatible with everything.

They can't be put on the busts in Bromjunaar Sanctuary (Labyrinthian) or any mod-added Dragon Priest busts. Just revert them back to normal if you need to display them.

I hope it works with everything else now... Please tell me if there's something else I might need to fix.

Vanilla - Does not replace original DP masks.
USLEEP - Fixes were included.
Dragonborn - Dragonborn masks are NOT included.
Unique Dragon Priest Masks - Optional file to match texture paths available for download.
Apophysis Dragon Priest Masks - See above.
Psychosteves DragonPriest Masks - See above.
Dragon Masks Retextured - See above.
Improved closefaced helmets - My side masks don't have eyeholes otherwise it's compatible.
Warmonger Armory - My side masks can't be crafted into belt masks otherwise it's compatible.
Konahriks Privilege & Accoutrements - My side masks don't replace Konahrik so it's compatible.

Other retexture mods not mentioned pretty much use the vanilla texture paths (except one, the Spider-Man mask texture had to be renamed). My mod edits nothing about the masked Dragon Priests so any mods modifying them (Immersive Creatures, Revenge of the Enemies, Dragon Priests Enhanced, etc.) are completely compatible with mine.

PM me first please.

None of the optional downloads include ANY files from the mods that I specified were a requirement. I simply redirected file paths in the esps to match those from the other retexture mods so you CAN use the optional files without them but a texture or two will be missing anyway.

Billyro - for fixing the Konahrik side mask meshes from disappearing at certain angles and helping me add visible backsides to the masks. Thanks Billy!
acobral - for taking most of my screenshots with Elder Blood ENB.

Neisa (Pandea_Work), Mour (KUMANEKO team), Acalypha (KUMANEKO team), Mirai (kaleidx), Leilyn (acobral), Nar'Tul (acobral), Vilja (Emma), Inigo (Smartbluecat), Amalia (Ria), Arissa (Chesko), Kitiara (????), Velina Velaire (Poro Plush), Sofia (John Jarvis), Caesia (anbeegod), and Recorder (potasticpanda) for being wonderful models for my masks! They are by their respective authors, not me.

Unique Dragon Priest Masks (skyrimaguas), Apophysis (pondcypress), Psychosteve's (psychosteve), Dragon Masks Retextured (betterbecause), and Dragon Priest Helm HD Multi-Pack DrDOOM Terminator Spiderman (Jake Fischer) textures are not included in my mod at all. I just used them for my screenshots.

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