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This mod aims to break the monotony of Falkreath, Dawnstar, WInterhold et Morthal. It adds a unique aspect for each of these cities.

Permissions and credits

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When I started Skyrim, I was very excited to visit the cities. The five main holds are nice with a unique style... but the others! They are identical! The same "farmhouses" display in a different place. That's all. Bethesda didn't make the effort to offer different cities... I was very disappointed, so, I tried to change it.

[size=7]W[/size]HAT'S NEW?

2.1 (01/04/14)
- Updated patch for No Snow Under the Roof and No Snow Under the Roof + Better Dynamic Snow
- Fixed mismatched textures on signs for SMIM users
- Added two optional files for SMIM users (3D ropes distance fade and 3D ropes no distance fade)
- Updated merged patchs (v2) for Better Mills Textures updates

2.0 (20/03/14)
- Everything has been redone from scratch.
- Now with interiors
- Own quality meshs from SMIM and ELFX.
- Falkreath: more wood to remind the forest charm and because there was too much stone.
- Dawnstar: new walls with vertical planks, in order to contrast with the roof.
- Winterhold: new roofs, walkways and posts to add more diversity to this town.
- Morthal: new stone texture for walkways.
- More and better patchs.
- FOMOD installer.
- Everything is packed inside one file.

Interiors showcase


- THIS NOT A TEXTURE PACK: it is only a pluggin which use your owns textures
- Unique aspect for Dawnstar, Falkreath, Morthal and Winterhold.
- This mod use textures from other cities and dungeons, mix them and add them on buildings and objects.
- No scripts
- No performances hit, you have 4K, it will be, you play, it will be.
- A lot of comptability patchs.
- High quality meshes (from SMIM and ELFX-SMIM, thanks to Brumbek and Anamorphus!)
- Patch to remove roofs textures
- Immersive and lore friendly (at least, I hope!)
- Now with interiors

[size=7]T[/size]OWNS BY TOWNS

Falkreath was supposed to be the Capital of one of the most populous Holds in Skyrim. It was also a part of Cyrodiil then join SKyrim. But this is a useless city, wich looks like Riverwood.
So, Falkreath looks likes a imperial city. Walls are in stone and roof have tiles.

I like this city but it lacks of character. Dawnstar is a city of trade with a harbour, it's near a big pine forest. So, they have wood in profusion. Dawnstar now have wooden roofs and walls. There is also more snow on roofs.

I wasn't very inspired by this city. This is not a big town, and I wanted to keep this "lost" character. I simply added some stone and changed the farmhouse style to whiterun farmhouse style.

What a joke! This was one the capital of Skyrim before being destroyed by the great collapse. Nowadays, we don't see remains of the past, just 4 abandonded shacks. I've just added stone to still standing building and also to destroyed buildings. There is also more snow on roofs.


Not compatible with mod that edit buildings.
Mods that add new buildings in the towns will not have new textures, but you won't have issues.

- Seasons of Skyrim, Tropical Skyrim and COT WInter: compatible with patch.
- Enhanced Lights and FX: compatible with patch.
- RLO, relighting Skyrim, ELE: compatible.
- SMIM: included
- Parallax: don't know if it works, but you will not have any issues.
- Better Dynamic Snow, No snow under the roof: compatible with patch.
- Textures packs: compatible, but may look strange with very different textures. So there are patchs for Sexy Cities, Tamriel Reloaded and Tropical Skyrim.
- ImpeREAL Cities: Falkreath : Compatible

- Shadows: not compatible, unless you use exterior only version.

Tell me if you find other incompatible patchs.


20/02/14: 2.0
14/11/13: added a version for Seasons of Skyrim.
10/11/13: added patches by michaelrw for vanilla roofs and Better Dynamic Snow
04/11/13: added a patch for Expanded Winterhold Destruction Ruins. Recommandedbut not really mandatory.
03/11/13: fix issues for non-smim users.
03/11/13: Added 1 .esp for each city
01/11/13: First Release

[size=7]I[/size]nstallation/Uninstallation, Load order

Install manually or with NMM. Instructions are in NMM or in a read me inside the archive.

[size=7]F[/size]uture Plans

Better Villages Textures.
Different mod.


My friend PlopAndFloc, for the wonderfull images. Check his mervelous screenshots!
Brumbek for allowing me to use his meshes from Static Meshes Improvement.
Anamorfus for allowing me to use his Enhanced Lights and FX - SMIM Meshes in order to prevent lighting bugs with his mod.
ElminsterAU for TES5Edit (patchs and cleaning).
Mcguffin for TESVTranslator (french to english translation).
Bethesda for the great Elder Scrolls.

Everyone who follows and supports me to release this mod :)

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