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Replacement for kellpossible's version with crafting and world model. Lighting and 3rd person also works better. Added Treasure maps.

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Installs a craft-able map that can be equipped like a shield, block to bring the map up to look at it better. Lowers when running.
Craft at the tanning rack.

This is my continuation of work started by kellpossible:

New version 4.5 and later includes Solstheim map and therefore requires Dragonborn.

This mod allows you to craft a wield-able/equip-able version of some of the maps available in the game.
*Map of Skyrim
*Map of Skyrim's Holds
*Map of Solstheim
*Treasure maps
*Forsworn map
*Map of Dragon Burials
*Shipping Map

kellpossible has agreed to use this site for development while he's away... So please get your updates here :D

kellpossible and I will be working together to realise his awesome ideas - but I am making the 'Map of Skyrim' a separate release for those that want a less-complex mod (Equip-able Skyrim Map).
Highly recommended mods:
HQ Skyrim Map
Compelling Treasure Maps

Use or Wrye Bash or extract to your Skyrim/Data folder.

Go to the tanning rack with some leather ... don't forget your quill and ink.
The recipes will only show-up if you have the quill and inkwell in your inventory - this means that it doesn't clutter your list when you don't need to make more.

This mod uses your existing battlemap texture, which you can replace with mods such as HQ Skyrim map by Paddyy
Most of these screenshots feature his excellent replacer.
The Solstheim texture again is a built-in texture from an object in Dragonborn. Any replacers would therefore affect this equip-able version too.

How I made it:
Originally used NifSkope to modify kellpossible's nif and SkyEdit to create the esp
Modified an existing map nif to accommodate the world item.
Version 3 onwards uses a nif that I created from existing Skyrim items and I used TESSnip to edit the shield properties (SkyEdit can't do those yet!)
Version 4 includes treasure maps, I had to create the textures from the source files (which are png). TESVSnip was indispensable for getting the 'conditional' recipes to work.
Version 4.5 includes map of Solstheim made using a mesh from Dragonborn editted with NifSkope; esp file was edited with TES5Edit and proved to be clean.

This is my continuation of work started by kellpossible.
Thanks to BigMill for his treasure map titles that I borrowed from his Compelling Treasure Maps mod.