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Grace Darkling and Paddyy

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Replaces the vanilla maps with a new HQ maps

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HQ Skyrim map
-texture replacer-

German Version can be found here! (2.0 Update! 21th Dec)

This mod replaces the old maps ( ...textures\dungeons\imperial\, of skyrim with a new, more detailed map. Old resolution was 512x512, the new one is 2048x2048 or 1024x1024.

The new maps in version 2.0 are done by Grace Darkling.

The colored map which shows only the regions was actually a work of her I found during some "skyrim map" googleing.
Originally she made a big Wallpaper on DeviantART which looked very cool.

I asked her if I could use it for my mod and if she had a source file where you can see more of skyrim than on the Wallpaper.
It turns out that she had already made some oblivion mods and would be happy to help me with my project.

At the end she not just made a totally new version of her wallpaper for the battlemap02 replacement, she also took a photo of her english map from the collectors edition and did some photoshop magic with it, so I could upload a new, better looking map with a doubled res compared to the old one I made of some leaked scan, translated and edited from the russian map.

simply extract with 7zip, move the textures folder to your ...Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\DATA and overwrite if prompted!

if you want to remove the textures, simply go to "" and delete battlemap01, battlemap01_n and,

-Added 2.0: 3 New Files-> 1 Normalmap, 2 Maps of Skyrim. 2048 and 1024 Versions.
-Added the final darker, less shiny version 1.0 and new comparison screenshots
-Added the original map as an additional download.
-Added the first Version 0.9

Thanks Charlie (Grace Darkling) for everything!


There are already a lot of other mods out there that changes the vanilla map texture:
- 2K High Resolution Map - Mappa ad Alta Risoluzione by Jac22v
- MAP Series - Original Style v2 by Alchimeriste
- German Worldmap HD by Christobis
- and my own German Map

The Mod was added Dec. 24th, 2011 at Skyrim Nexus (


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License
Short: Feel free to do whatever you want with my files, as long as you credit us as the authors and you keep it non commercial.