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  1. VanikStarblazer
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    For anyone looking to use this mod on Skyrim SE, simply download the file you want with your mod manager. The mod manager will tell you that the mod was made for a different game (Skyrim base edition), ignore and simply install for SE anyways. It worked for me. Worth a try.
    1. EquestrianMidnight
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      Even better, porting this mod to SE isn't hard. For anyone that doesn't know, simply download and install Cathedral Assets Optimizer and when selecting what to run through it, select "Open Directory" and locate the folder of this mod. Click "Run" and that's it, all assets are ported. Then open the ESP in the 64 bit Creation Kit and save it and close. There's tutorials on YouTube in case you mess it up or are worried you'll mess it up. 

      Porting mods to SE really isn't hard at all. As far as I know, this will work just fine on weapons, armor, and I think followers who don't have any quests tied to them. I have little modding experience, but I heavily doubt quests can be ported this easily and I don't know if home mods are that easy as well. 

      I ported this mod for the Eagle Swords and am currently using them with absolutely zero issues. 
    2. tv54992
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      Thanks for the explanation, it worked like a charm.
    3. Ismeek28
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      Shamed that my Creation Kit refused to run as the program freezes after I opened it.
    4. hoangdai94
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      @EquestrianMidnight Plz share it in pm
  2. Rayrudan
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    Hello there! I love this mod from you I remember using it on my last playthrough of LE ^^ I was wondering, do you mind if I use your weapons to change some unique weapons from the game for these ones? I feel that Eagle Sword and Lion Sword would be perfect to replace both Bloodscythe and Soulrender swords from Deathbrand and I may even find some other untouched Unique weapons that could use some love in the looks department. Tha ks beforehand ^^
  3. saitofutoshi88
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    Epic :D
  4. worksa7
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    "For the first time in my life...I am afraid"

    And you will die......
  5. Thump3r1972
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    I will no longer be releasing any new content on the nexus. From now on, for the foreseeable future, all of my upcoming mods will be released externally, off-site under the same author's name I use on here. "As quoted on his Nexus members page."

    So, maybe some point in time he probably will create an Newrim version on Patreon, but we won't see it on the Nexus (or then again maybe he'll never create a newrim version.)

    I have come to the conclusion that several people probably have asked him permission to port this wonderful mod to SE/AE and he said NO. This is perhaps one of the best Oldrim weapon mods there is, and I guarantee they had asked. Some people would rather see a port than mess around with Creation Kit and Cathedral Assets Optimizer themselves. Only SE/AE weapon mod that comes close to this in style is Jaysus Swords pack, which is an excellent mod also. I currently download WWW and plan on playing around with files and installing in SE/AE.
    1. cynn78
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      Seems the author has a Patreon now and focuses solely on Fallout 4 mods. has anyone done a proper SE-AE port of this?
    2. LordMithro
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      The issue is not creating the port. The issue is whether the author grants permission for the assets to be ported and uploaded to Nexus.

      However, you can do the port yourself.


  6. chocolino
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    hola porfavor podrian portar este mod a special edition
  7. tv54992
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    Still waiting for SE conversion :( after all these years.
    1. Chickenator587
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      Me too man, these weapons are way too cool!
  8. Hydshd
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    Since there are seemingly no stickies/comments about it, is anyone else encountering this issue?

    -Dagger variants causing CTD upon forge inspection (i.e hovering over item to craft)
    -Same said items having no viewable model

    I can't even scroll past the items, it still CTD's me.
    IF anyone has Creation Kit and Cathedral, please, this mod is due for port and it'd be very much appreciated!
  9. SagaciousWukong
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    This is an awesome mod my dude. I just wish it was available for Skyrim SE

    I'm also a little confused why the Scorpion and Water Swords are missing from the line up
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    You're the best