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This is the ENB used in "Ruvaak Dahmaan" a Skyrim Series by Tenrage Dragens
Designed for Performance.

Permissions and credits
This Mod is discontinued. I completely moved to SE.

Works with 0.308 Version of ENB

Updates will be at the bottom of the mod page for everyone to find easily :D

possible reasons for FPS drop with ENB's

Population Mods (populated roads, patrols and so on)

Particle Mods (Supreme Storms, Supreme Fog, Climates of Tamriel - Weather Patch Fog-Edition, Magic mods)

Polygon Mods (Static Mesh Improvement Mod, and so on)

Flora Mods (especially Grass mods like, unique grasses and Skyrim Flora Overhaul)

House Mods (House mods with much clutter and exterior appearance)

City and Village Mods (Better Cities, Immersive Settlements, Dawn of ..., and so on)


Ok guys,

this is the ENB i made for my Skyrim Series Ruvaak Dahmaan. This ENB is designed to look good and have good performance for recording the series. It's a simple ENB. No extra effects nothing. It was made for filming not for making fancy screenshots :) but feel free to post some of your shots :)

Thanks to Hodilton !!!! This so awesome !

Facebook Page:

Ruvaak Dahmaan Facebook Fan-Page

First Episode Link:

Teaser Trailer Link(ENB settings are changing in the trailer):

For those who want to try this. Do it ! I would like to hear your opinion :)

This was created out of a MATSO preset. I tested very much with it.


Works with 0.251+ Version of ENB

enbhost.exe and enblocal.ini are NOT given due to everyones liking.

CTD and Memory patch ENBoost

ENB Homepage Download
ENB Effect Setting:

Bloom: on
Adaptation: on
Depth of Field: on
Ambient Occlusion: on
Detailed Shadow: on
Sun Rays: on
Sky Lighting: on
Image Based Lighting: on
Reflection: off
Soft Particles: on
Particle Lights: on
SubsurfaceScattering: on
Water-Effects: on
Under-Water-Effects: on
Cloud-Shadows: on
Volumetric-Rays: on
Rain: off
Procedural Sun: on
Mist: on


This Mod is designed to work well with

______________Project Reality - Climates of Tamriel__________________

_______________Realistic Lighting Overhaul or ELFX_____________________

ENBlocal Settings:



->->->->->->->->->->-> Here you have to test your system for this Memory Settings<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-


->->->->->->->->->->-> Here you have to test your system for this Memory Settings<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-




RemoveBlur=false (for weather patch) (you can turn this fix on if you wish)

ENB INSTALLATION GUIDE (FIX for weird graphics otherwise ask for help in the comments :) )

!!!!!!! bFloatPointRenderTarget=1 must be set in SkyrimPrefs.ini file to make this mod work. Start SkyrimLauncher.exe to configure your video options again.
Sky lighting to work correctly require rendering objects to shadow, so edit manually following lines in file SkyrimPrefs.ini:

enbhost.exe and enblocal.ini is not give cause it's part of "CTD and Memory patch ENBoost" of Boris Voronstov and must be configured for each pc system its self.

I use the "CTD and Memory patch ENBoost" + my Ruvaak Dahmaan ENB. But it is not nessecary


Feedback -> For ENB and the You Tube Series

If you have questions ask them in the comments i will read them and answer as far as i can.

This is my first ENB so i spend much time in editing it but i know very less about the codes.

I appologize here to Kyokushinoyama again as i used his files for my first posted enb without permission. Don't do that kids :).

Permission of MATSO was given for this ENB.

If there are mistakes please tell me. I'm not aware of everything.

Hope you like it cheers. :)




ENB - Boris Vorontsov


also thanks to all great ENB Artists inspiring me :)

very very very much thanks to Tansarville for the permission to use her effect.txt file :)

UnrealWarfare, amoebae, Transarville, the7Shadow - Facebook ENB Page -> Beautiful Skyrim

Lens-Dirt-Map-Pack -> amoebae
used Dirt-Map by Wheels Of Joy

Information edit, changes, important messages:

_edit 04.10.2013:_

The sunglare file I recommend can be downloaded in my optional file section. The files was created by prod80 the creator of Climates of Tamriel - Weather Patch - Fog Rain Overcast

Climates of Tamriel - Weather Patch - Fog Rain Overcast

I also recommend installing the particle patch by Mindflux (included in SMIM)

for Fire and Smoke issues (and others of cause but these are my important :) )

Mindflux Particle and SubsurfaceScattering-Patch

Mods recommended for Immersion

Texture-Mods like:

Enhanced Blood Textures (Blood Texture)

aMidianBorn Book of Silence (Armor Retex)

Skyrim Ultra HD Texture Pack (Allround Texture Pack)

Any Body Mod you like I recommend using UNP Body with LiFE - Lith Face Enhancement and overwrite the texture with Real Girls Realistic Body Texture - Texture = medium; Normals = medium

Immersion Adding and maybe performance demanding:

Wet and Cold(Player is visually affected by weather)

Unique Grasses and Groundcovers - Nature and Landscape Enhancement(Grass adding Mod)

Skyrim Flora Overhaul (can demand lots of performance in connection with Unique Grasses in some places. (I'm just using Unquie Grasses)

Immersive Spells and Spell emit Light

Immersive Settlements (Will cost you performance due to the addition of some new buildings around Settlements)

Gameplay Immersion

Dragon Combat Overhaul

Immersion adding with no performance drop

RBEs Enhanced 1st Person Camera Bob

Climates of Tamriel - Weather Patch (Highly recommended since this mod was created with this mod (depending on which version you install performance CAN be lowered by this mod)

Immersive Beds (Go to sleep properly)

Immersive H.U.D. (by our beloved Gopher :) be immersed)

Realistic Lighting Overhaul (Changes the lighting of Skyrim (mostly Interior), can have little Performance drop (This mod was created for this)

What makes your game slow and stuttering? KEEP IN MIND

You game is affected by the amount of objects, actors, effect quality (ENB) and scripts that are running.

Keep in mind that every mod that ADDS things to the world will maybe lower your performance like Flora Overhaul Mods, Particle Effects Mods, Landscape Changing mods, City changing Mods and so on.

Keep in mind that every mod that ADDS People (or the amount of actors) will lower your performance like Population Mods, Realistic Animal Behavior mods, NPC Mods adding new NPC's

Keep in mind that all SCRIPT Mods will have an effect to your performance and if they doesn't individually they will in combination with other script mods, like Dragon Combat Overhaul, Frostfall, Wet and Cold, Immersive Spells, Combat Mods every other scripted mods adding constant script updating (Vampire Mods, Werewolf Mods and so on)

Keep in mind that your game will STUTTER because of HIGH-RES Textures. The bigger the file is the more the game has to load and that depends on your hard-drive sending the textures to the RAM.

Keep in mind that the FOV WILL affect your performance! The game performance depends graphically on the things you actually SEE that means if your FOV is higher then MORE objects are shown on the screen and have to be calculated. I recommend play with standard FOV of 65 degrees (or fov 75).

Keep in mind that an ENB adds effects that were not meant for Skyrim and ENB's can and will have a performance impact the more effects they add and the higher the quality of effects is with SweetFX and so on.

Keep in mind that the best way to optimize your game performance is to have all NESSECARY Mods installed and not every mod that is good. Install as much as nessecary and as few as possible.

If you keep all this in mind you are able to have a good performing Skyrim with ENB enabled.
_Updates chronological:


v1.0 - inital release


- with DOF;
setting changes in Lighting (brightness of the sky and adaptation)
added Skyrim Sunglare v4 supported version


- darker nights (for more darken please use the climates of tamriel night levels)
I recommend to use Climates Of Tamriel - Weather Patch - Fog Rain
Overcast + Sun and Sunglare Replacer for Climates of Tamriel (in my
optional section file by prod80) -> Round Sun - Natural Glare


- brigther stars at night, night time adapted, Subsurfacescattering added, some lighting tweaks.
- I really suggest to use the DOF of Project ENB it fits very well with this ENB, but you can use the standart DOF anyway :).

- changed subsurfacescattering for eyes, adapted the enb for the new
lens-fx. Dirt map was NOT added since there is just the funny map by
boris :D.
- Lens-Flare effect has a very small amount due to the fire intensity and some user are using "Fire and Ice Overhaul" by

v1.5 ENB Version - 0.231

- changes to lighting: pointlight is a little brighter now, speculars were edited
- added water effects, dirt-map effect (attention: Maybe you don't like
the water shadows please deactivate them manually in the ENB Menu
(Access: Enter + F12 -> scroll to the buttom and deactivate the water
-added some sharpness through effect.txt adding (Tansarville)
- added ENBhelper.dll ENB reference mod is no longer needed :)

v1.6 ENB Version - 0.234

- changed specular settings
- updated to 0.234 and added underwater effects and aditional water effects
- Watereffects are still in works
- I recommend using W.A.T.E.R. or other Water mods supporting the parallax and heightmap using of the water effects in ENB.

v1.7 ENB Version - 0.240

- added underwater effects and optimized water effects
- recommended to use with "Realistic Water Two" with ENB Textures
- Cloud-Shadow is off because I have to test further the performance

v1.8 ENB Version - 0.240
- decreased direct light intensity
- changed cloud settings
- Cloud Shadow is deactivated due to performance drop around 5-10 fps
(only tested with ATI HD 7850) (Cloud Shadow can be activated by setting
EnableCloudsShadow=true in the enbseries.ini file)
- changed specular lighting
- increased AOAmount (SSAO effect parameter)

v1.9 ENB Version - 0.241
-changed underwater settings (lil bit)
- added Cloud Shadow (seems to work pretty well now, depending on your game settings)
- added Volumetric Rays

v2.0 ENB Version - 0.245
- not much changed
- recommended enblocal.ini settings :


v2.1 ENB Version - 0.250

- added "mist" effect with colored mist (please feedback for that)
- changed color of the sun
- changed some lighting settings
- feedback oriented :)

v2.2 ENB Version - 0.250
- changed Sky Settings (lowered Volumetric Rays, Sky Color)
- changed Mist and Sun color
- activated Rain effect (feedback please)

v2.3 ENB Version - 0.251 (experimental)

- changed direct light curve
- changed volumetric rays to be more visible but not overwhelming
- lowered bloom effect to get rid of unneccessary glimmer
- changed rain settings to make it more visible on white background
- changed cloud opacity to make it not full shadow and let a little sun shining through to maintain the shadows in the game
- changed eyes scattering to more natural
- please give me feedback for things that bother you :)

v2.4 ENB Version - 0.251+
- didn't change much
- turned off rain again
- changed some lighting in minor ways
(v2.46 DOF change)
(v2.48 Mist color edited and DOF change)

v2.5 ENB Version - 0.251+
- change in Lighting (Nights are darker, Torchlight are lighter in dark areas, Day is brighter"
- change in speculars
- bug with skylighting so Boris meantioned he need to rework the deep Sunlightshadows. There will be a flicker some times
- Depth of Field is optimized
- Sky Color changed
- Mist-Color changed and added
- experimental please give feedback

v2.54 ENB Version - 0.251+

- changed reflection
- changed skylighting (shadows brighter at dawn and dusk)
- DOF is not too blurry in distance
- changed the size of the lightsprite of big fires interior (lowered the big lightglobes around the fire)

-> At the moment I play a little bit Skyrim and will change everything I
see. If there is an important change in my opinion or at least 4 little
then i will post a new update. 19.11.2014

v2.55 ENB Version  - 0.264

- every change in last experimental
- new dof focus to make the distance sharp
- some lighting changes, still working on optimization

v2.60 ENB Version - 0.264

-changes in pointlighting
-changes in specular lighting
-changes in fire intensity
-changes in lens effects (less annoying)
-optimization in general of lightingcurves
- Dark Dungeons are dark (by ELFX) I won't increase the pointlight
intensity for the few really dark dungeons because ELFX sets some bright
areas to a "nightsetting". If I changed the pointlight to be more
intensive the bright areas would be overlighted. So deal with the

!!!!! Nightvision is WORKING !!!! thats you best way to get through Dark Dungeons -> Install the Mod "Better Torches" that
will help, too.

v2.62 ENB Version - 0.265

- reactivate adaptation (I forgot in 2.61 which made days really dark)
- lifted some shadows in day time and adjusted light in sunrise
- added DOF from T.A.Z. ENB (tristan1974 edit)
- adjusted lighting of Dungeons and other dark locations

-feedback is welcome :)

v2.7 experimental ENB Version - 0.277

- many many changes in the past which I do not remember
- fire changed in some places
- lighting changes. ELFX setting -> dark dungeons are a bit brighter but some caves are just very dark because of the mod setting.
- pointlight intensity was increased in sunrise, day and night. (I think I will change dusk too)
- pointlight curve changed for a compromise between warm and cold light
- saturation was lowered
- drastic change in AO setting. Much darker more present. Mountains in the far are more very distracting because of it. I must find a balance but this is how it is now.
- change in specular lighting to make it more present. Depending on the texture you are using some cloth textures have bad specular maps and are somehow shiny
- Quality of AO has increased
- there are some dungeons of ELFX lighting which have very dark lighting and very deep shadows. I cannot do anything about it without destroying every dungeon left. Nightvision is working in 95% of the caves
- procedural sun activated and needs optimization I try the compromise between very visible god rays for atmosphere and visible sun itself

v2.7 FULL ENB Version - 0.279

- changed fire settings
- the first time I optimized the balance between IL and AO
- I fixed some lighting issues with night fire. Night pointlight has lower intensity than I thought.
- procedural sun was optimized to be more blinding at daytime
- all changes of 2.7 experimental
- added enblocal.ini

v2.75 EXP ENB Version - 0.279

- changed a littlebit the AO
- increased a little bit the direct light
- I tried my best to get the nightvision of predator vision working. There was a problem where caves at daytime would get a very high contrast an make it even darker. I solved the problem by changing the Nightdaydetector settings (I never touched it in my life) Nightvision now works
- since every interior is considered as night (by mods and by the night day detector) the intererios are somehow dark but I tried to compensate it.
- COT will do the trick and make the interiors different at day and night. ALso ELFX will help with that.
- Nightivison was the main reason for the update. At daytime the nightvision still will be more contrast increasing I tried to contact Gopher about that issue but he's not reading the mod comments anymore xD or maybe he is and don't want to answer
- There is still a problem with ultimate Fire HD because the fire with which the enemies are burning has weird squares around it. I addressed it too but also here no answer and no fix.
- To compensate I increased the pointlight and changed the sunset. It is now a littlebit darker (clouds, fog in the distance) but brighter in ambient lighting.

v2.85 EXP ENB Version - 0.279

-changed the ambient color filter settings to make sunset and sunrise more unique
- changed imagebase lighting settings
- changed sky setting (clouds and sun a little bit)
- I set the pointlight a little lower to get more atmosphere you need to install better torches or have a character with nightvision to see in very dark areas
- activated the fog in interiors (just a little bit) to make the room not TOO dark. But maybe I will deactivate it again.
- changed bloom setting (blueshift value)

v2.90 EXP ENB Version - 0.279

-changed the pointlighting (lower) in various day and night situations
-changed the ambient light (make it more balanced)
-changed the ambient light filter (to get better colour on dusk and dawn and make the change from night to day better)
-changed the cloud edge lighting to make it more pronounce in the night. The moon will illuminate the clouds.
-played with the subsurfacescattering setting to make it more "there" on characters (I don't know how it works so Its try and error)
-changed the imagebasedlighting to make more reflection on surfaces at all times of the day
-changed AO a little to make it more balanced but still it will be strong to get a plastic effect

v.295 EXP ENB Version - 0.279

- increased fire intensity (interior exterior)
- a little darker dusk ambient light
- brighter clouds for dusk
- brighter ambient light interior
- cloud settings changed (at daytime very present, at dusk and night time also present but not as heavy)
- subsurface scattering adjusted
- dusk ambient colour filter is more present (red light on the surfaces)
- I will adjust more. please give me your feedback. I want this enb very suited for skyrim, let's plays and videos :)

v.300 ENB Version - 0.305

- Feedback is very welcome !

- optimized the lighting for ELFX and Climates of Tamriel + Weather Patch
- adjusted the new dusk and dawn settings
- I feel like having the best possible interior lighting situation that is possible for my "skills" (not really, just some numbers)
- Adjusted the shadows and the skylighting
- adjusted the fire (brigther without making lightnings to blinding)
- adjusted the specular lighting and the water a little bit
- Nightvision is fully compatible

v. 310 ENB Version - 0.305

- increased direct lighting for some day situations
- tried to get balance on every day time with direct light and ambient light + skylighting
- added Reflection just for testing
- changed interior lighting to a bit darker to match every situation as good as possible
- changed the pointlighting (Curve increased)
- changed the fire settings (decrease at dusk)
- changed dusk cloud intensity (increased)
- With this update I tried to valance as good as possible.
- also adjusted particles