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  1. Aipex8
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    I will be porting all my mods to SSE for PC, and all but DVA (because SKSE) for consoles. Porting will start in December (getting new computer) so it will be a bit of a wait, but I am planning on updating each and adding a bit more content so hopefully it will be worth it.

    To impatient players and modders: I'm totally fine if you want to port them for personal use, but do so at your own risk and please do not post them. Some will be getting quite a bit of clean up to get the size down, and running the current mod and then updating may cause issues.

    Stay tuned.
  2. zelbo1
    • member
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    Whenever I download this mod it doesn't show up in the plugins and doesn't show up in game. I haven't had this happen before and it's only on this mod.
    1. baronmango
      • member
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      This mod doesn't have a ESP so why would it show up in your plugins?

      it's meshes/textures only.
  3. RedDeath117
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    Not sure if it has been asked already, but is it possible to one day have the White Eyes on this mod like in the SSE version?
    1. lexling03
      • premium
      • 27 posts
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      You can extract the textures from the SSE version into the original version quite easily. As I don't really know how familiar any passer-bys are with TES resources, I'll try to make it pretty basic.

      First, you'll need to download the SSE version of this mod. Go to the file section of the mod, and pick the color of your choice. Then open the archive, and extract a file named "BFVE - Textures.bsa" from it and place it wherever you please.

      Next download the original version (this mod), and then extract all of the contents into a folder. When you extracted the contents, navigate to this directory inside of the folder: [textures>actors>character>eyes]. Inside of there, there will be two files: [,]. This is the actual eye texture.

      Next download BAE (Bethesda Archive Extractor) which can be found at the link below.

      Open it up, and then under file, select open file. Then select the archive we extracted before (BFVE - Textures.bsa). BAE will then open it up. Deselect "BFVE - Textures.bsa" inside of BAE, and then within BAE, navigate to the same path as before [textures>actors>character>eyes], and select the two eye textures from within BAE [,]. Then click extract and then extract them into the same folder from the original mod, and replace original eye textures, and then re-compress the folder from the original mod and use your mod manager (MO / NMM, etc) and install the modified archive.
  4. aubon
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    for some reason o don't get the textures i am using better vampires
  5. edwardvanlincoln
    • member
    • 333 posts
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    Any possibility of getting a fang replacer to make the vamps have fangs like this? > ( ) I'm already using the fang replacer you have up with a custom eye mod but I can't seem to find any mods that simply replace the fangs other than yours and I have absolutely no clue how to change them myself.
  6. MeccoySordana
    • supporter
    • 10 posts
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    works super fine on player but not npc's eyes it defaults to bloodshot eyes i think ,anyway they become realy dark red, running this mod with better vamps i noticed when i turnd a follower(sofia)
    that her eyes where not the same as pc.

    eyes also defaults to bloodshot when i go into racemenu(on pc) but it reverts back after a feeding so its cool but that bloodshot and the eyes npcs have are not even close to same and it dosent seem to adjust after she feeds either =/

    sorry i dont know who to adress about this so i came here since its eye related

    dose this mod not overwrite vanilla tex and mesh? because it it dose this should not happen

    and freakishly nicely done mood! thumbs up <3
  7. NelTerra
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    It's compatible with Lady body??? or not??
  8. KingJamesIII
    • member
    • 715 posts
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    Skyrim Special Edition port please!!!!
  9. Daniel777d
    • member
    • 19 posts
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    Please heeelp! i can´t uninstall the mod!. I uninstall it but my face stays the same with the same eyes and with the marks on my face. The worst of all is that I can not change the color of my eyes or the hairstyle
  10. bloodshield975
    • premium
    • 11 posts
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    is it possible you could put the changes you did to the mod for special edition could be put to normal?
  11. saiyannaruto
    • supporter
    • 25 posts
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    I could never get this mod to work with an orc or high elf race is it possible to get if to work with these races?