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Better Vampire Fangs and Eyes

1.0 - Initial release


Smile in HD by zzjay
Puppeteer Master by JohnB
Female Facial Animation by nao4288

This mod changes the fangs and eyes of vampires to be a bit more believable while still remaining faithful to lore.

For males, the bottom fangs have been removed and the top fangs have been shortened. The female fangs have been created from scratch instead of reusing the male mouth, and look similar to the male fangs. Vampires should now look capable of actually biting something without unhinging their jaws. You should also be able to see the tips of their fangs while talking.

Male and female eye meshes have been replaced with non-glowing meshes. A couple other small changes to the meshes include double-sided eye lashes and a fix for the glitch that happens when you use any kind of invisibility and the eye texture gets scrambled. Also included are new vampire eye textures (for both the player vampire eyes and the other vampire eyes that some NPCs have). The eye texture is based off of MrLenski's dremora eye texture included in Covereyes

Facegen data:
By default the above mesh replacers will only be visible on the player. I've also included facegendata for most of the vampire NPCs in the game, so they will have the same eyes and fangs.
WARNING: If you are using another mod that makes changes to any vampire NPCs, including but not limited to EEO, overwriting the head mesh with the ones that I've provided could cause miscolored heads.
FYI: Serana, Harkon, Valerica and Alva are not "true" vampires by race, and therefore will not get the fangs or eyes from this mod (they will get the new eye texture, but the mesh will still glow). Mods that change them will play safely with this mod. I will be releasing a stand-alone modded Serana soon that will include the fangs and eyes from this mod. Images of her can be seen here:

Options (choose one):
Fangs and Eyes - This includes everything listed above.
Fangs Only - For those who prefer glowing eyes, this option is only the new fangs for both player and NPCs.
Fangs Player Only / Eyes Player Only (you can choose one or both) - A la carte options for those with modded NPC vampires or those who prefer to generate the facegendata themselves. These options will only effect the player.

Pick your option and install with NMM, or download manually, unzip and drop in your data folder.