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Be both Werewolf AND Vampire whilst using your favourite associated mods! Compatible with most Vampire & Werewolf mods and now even has support for the Undeath Lich mods!!
Even play as a mortal, but with Werewolf/Vampire Lord shapeshifting if you want! The best of both worlds!!

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v6 Video Showcase

v6.7.9 updates


Be both Werewolf AND Vampire and with options and flexibility to play the way you want.

Compatible with most Vampire, Werewolf and Lich mods (and any other mod).

Simple to use - just install and play as normal.

You can even Vampire or Werewolf shape-shift abilities on your NON Vampire/Werewolf play through!

You are not a mere mortal, you have Dragon blood within you granting you many strengths - the ability to absorb Dragon souls, and mastery over the Thu'um.
Your Dragon blood also allows you to carry both gifts of Hircine and Molag Bal simultaneously - allowing you to be both a Vampire and a Werewolf at the same time... well it does now anyway.
There are no special actions or spells required, just obtain the gifts/taints in-game as you normally would - except now they won't override each other.

Whilst this mod is installed, you will have an active spell effect showing your Vampire, Werewolf, Lich, and Hybrid status..

Main Features
  • Be one or all of Vampire / Werewolf / Lich (from supported Lich mods)
  • Simple to use - just install and play
  • Acquire the abilities in the normal ways within game, or take a shortcut with this mod's options
  • Options to customise how some of the effects work - eg. you can just be human that can shift-shift without the other side effects (Pacifying)
  • Works with most Vampire & Werewolf mods
  • Compatible with the Undeath Lich mod
  • Easy to uninstall/reset if you decide this mod isn't for you

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FAQ/How to use this mod
Key info is in the YouTube video above - just watch that if you don't want to read all this...

Q. How do I start using the mod?
A. Just install it. There's an options book added to your inventory with settings and more info if you need it.

Q. How do I become a hybrid?
A. Just install the mod. Seriously - that's it. Obtain your werewolf & vampire gifts as you would normally. By default you will be a fully fledged Vampire/Werewolf/Hybrid (each gift embraced). Things like pacifying and embracing are optional and not required to be a hybrid.

Q. No, how do I be a hybrid immediately right now please?
A. There's an option in the fixes menu in the settings book

Q. Can I still join the Companions/Dawnguard/Volkihar clan?
A. Yes, no matter what state your gifts are in

Q. How do I just be a human but keep the ability to shape-shift?
A. "Pacify" the gift you don't want to have all the side-effects from

Q. What's this embrace/pacify business all about?
A. These are optional features to customise how you play. Please see the detailed section below...


I've tried to keep this as generic as possible and it should be compatible with most Vampire & Werewolf mods - as that's where the real fun lies in playing these types of characters!
There are no vanilla script edits so no direct mod clashes will occur, however some features may vary - depending on your mod setup.
This mod will clash with some other "hybrid" mods that enable you to be both Vampire & Werewolf - remove them first.

I can confirm that my mod is currently working with the following awesome mods:

These mods are also confirmed compatible - please do not merge plugins or convert them to ESL as you will break the compatibility patches or my compatibility script code as they need untouched file names and form IDs...

Partial compatibility:
  • Path of Transcendence - compatibility patch in the Optional files
  • Lich racial appearance options are enabled in the Tainted Blood Ritual if you have unlock lichdom from Path of Transcendence or Undeath.You may need to stick to using the cured racial appearance in the Tainted Blood Ritual for things like Lich progression and "Mortal Shroud"

Most mods should work most of the time, I just haven't specifically tested others myself.
If anyone would like to test and verify, I'll include the results here :)

Details for changing the level of effects & involvement of each gift

If you are a hybrid you unlock the ability to quickly shape-shift between Vampire Lord and Werebeast. You can also quick-shift into Lich form if you have the Undeath mod installed





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