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Be both Werewolf AND Vampire whilst using your favourite associated mods! Compatible with most Vampire & Werewolf mods and now even has support for the Undeath Lich mods!!
Even play as a mortal, but with Werewolf/Vampire Lord shapeshifting if you want! The best of both worlds!!

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v6 Video Showcase

v6.7.9 updates


Be both Werewolf AND Vampire and with options and flexibility to play the way you want.

Compatible with most Vampire, Werewolf and Lich mods (and any other mod).

Simple to use - just install and play as normal.

You can even Vampire or Werewolf shape-shift abilities on your NON Vampire/Werewolf play through!

You are not a mere mortal, you have Dragon blood within you granting you many strengths - the ability to absorb Dragon souls, and mastery over the Thu'um.
Your Dragon blood also allows you to carry both gifts of Hircine and Molag Bal simultaneously - allowing you to be both a Vampire and a Werewolf at the same time... well it does now anyway.
There are no special actions or spells required, just obtain the gifts/taints in-game as you normally would - except now they won't override each other.

Whilst this mod is installed, you will have an active spell effect showing your Vampire, Werewolf, Lich, and Hybrid status..

Main Features
  • Be one or all of Vampire / Werewolf / Lich (from supported Lich mods)
  • Simple to use - just install and play
  • Acquire the abilities in the normal ways within game, or take a shortcut with this mod's options
  • Options to customise how some of the effects work - eg. you can just be human that can shift-shift without the other side effects (Pacifying)
  • Works with most Vampire & Werewolf mods
  • Compatible with the Undeath Lich mod
  • Easy to uninstall/reset if you decide this mod isn't for you

Please endorse if you like or use this mod!

FAQ/How to use this mod
Key info is in the YouTube video above - just watch that if you don't want to read all this...

Q. How do I start using the mod?
A. Just install it. There's an options book added to your inventory with settings and more info if you need it.

Q. How do I become a hybrid?
A. Just install the mod. Seriously - that's it. Obtain your werewolf & vampire gifts as you would normally. By default you will be a fully fledged Vampire/Werewolf/Hybrid (each gift embraced). Things like pacifying and embracing are optional and not required to be a hybrid.

Q. No, how do I be a hybrid immediately right now please?
A. There's an option in the fixes menu in the settings book

Q. Can I still join the Companions/Dawnguard/Volkihar clan?
A. Yes, no matter what state your gifts are in

Q. How do I just be a human but keep the ability to shape-shift?
A. "Pacify" the gift you don't want to have all the side-effects from

Q. What's this embrace/pacify business all about?
A. These are optional features to customise how you play. Please see the detailed section below...


I've tried to keep this as generic as possible and it should be compatible with most Vampire & Werewolf mods - as that's where the real fun lies in playing these types of characters!
There are no vanilla script edits so no direct mod clashes will occur, however some features may vary - depending on your mod setup.
This mod will clash with some other "hybrid" mods that enable you to be both Vampire & Werewolf - remove them first.

I can confirm that my mod is currently working with the following awesome mods:

These mods are also confirmed compatible - please do not merge plugins or convert them to ESL as you will break the compatibility patches or my compatibility script code as they need untouched file names and form IDs...

Partial compatibility:
  • Path of Transcendence - compatibility patch in the Optional files
    Lich racial appearance options are enabled in the Tainted Blood Ritual if you have unlock lichdom from Path of Transcendence or Undeath.You may need to stick to using the cured racial appearance in the Tainted Blood Ritual for things like Lich progression and "Mortal Shroud"

Most mods should work most of the time, I just haven't specifically tested others myself.
If anyone would like to test and verify, I'll include the results here :)

Details for changing the level of effects & involvement of each gift

Casting the Tainted Blood Ritual power will enable you to "Pacify" or "Embrace" each of your gifts.
Each form/gift can be set independently - it all depends on how you want to play.
It will also allow you to change your visual racial appearance

Embrace (Default)
This is the default state where the gift is fully active - as if you'd acquired it normally without my mod installed. The gifts are embraced unless you've chosen to pacify them.

The chosen gift is fully active - all pros & cons - including those from mods - active at all times, with a couple of exceptions...
  • Vampire Lord form - weakness to silver won't apply, the Silverhand shouldn't appear and attack you, Lunar transformations won't trigger
  • Weaknesses & Resistances to Fire/Frost/etc will remain active at all times, and stack
  • Whilst in (normal) Humanoid form you will have all the humanoid traits of both Werewolf and Vampire. This includes weakness to sunlight, comments from NPCs, etc. The game considers you a full Werewolf/Vampire/both
  • The Dawnguard will still talk to you

The chosen gift is effectively cured, but you keep the ability to shape-shift

  • No passive resistances or weaknesses
  • No Dawnguard/Silverhand harassment
  • No weakness to silver, fire, or sunlight
  • No other human enhancements - the game does not consider you Werewolf/Vampire
  • You can still transform into Vampire Lord/Werewolf forms and access their perk trees - note that relevant perks that apply to humanoid form won't have an effect (such as vampire sneak bonuses).
  • Castle Volkihar vampires will still treat you as a vampire

If you are a hybrid you unlock the ability to quickly shape-shift between Vampire Lord and Werebeast. You can also quick-shift into Lich form if you have the Undeath mod installed


  • Don't install this mod whilst in Werewolf or Vampire Lord form - shift back to human form and save game first!
  • Use a mod manager or manually download and extract the files to your Skyrim\Data folder. I recommend MO2.
  • Make sure you load my mod AFTER Undeath, if you have it
  • No other load order matters. Patches in the files section will note their load order requirements


If running v3 or above - Nice and simple...
  • Save your game in human form
  • Update the mod using your mod manager or overwrite the existing files

That's it - related scripts and assets will be automatically refreshed & cleaned when the mod runs its update function
  • Load game and enjoy (verify things working properly before continuing your play through).

If upgrading from older than v3

Best to clean up the old version first, sorry. This is due to the overhaul of the mod not being upgradeable from the very old version.
  • Use the uninstall power
  • Delete mod
  • Load game without this mod
  • Save game
  • Install latest version of mod
  • Continue playing


If you decide this mod isn't for you - un-installation is easy and won't break your game.

  • Simply go to the "Fixes" menu in the settings book
  • Choose which gifts/taints you would like to remove/cure/reset.
  • Then save your game and exit
  • Un-install this mod using your mod manager or by deleting the relevant files in your Skyrim\Data folder.


Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn.... which are included in Skyrim SE anyway.
As with ALL mods - you should test/check that the mod functions correctly for your needs BEFORE continuing your play-through of the game.
If it doesn't work as desired, remove mod and load previous save.

Please let me know if you encounter issues so I can try to fix them - but give me as much detail as possible.

Notes & Gotchas

  • To keep it vanilla & mod friendly, Hircine's ring just needs to be in your inventory if you've Pacified the Werewolf - a lesser power is available to you - don't need to equip it. If you accidentally equip it and the power disappears, just cast the Pacify ritual again
  • Feeding each form is independent - Werewolves eat hearts, Vampires drink blood (also the game mechanics are different)
  • You can cure & regain the gifts as many times as you like (I've lifted the vanilla Aela re-gift restriction).
  • Castle Volkihar don't like Werewolves and the Companions don't like Vampire Lords - they will attack if you transform around them!
  • Custom races should now work fine, however I am not testing each one
  • Some hotkey mods may allow you to cast Vampire Lord form whilst in Werewolf form. If you do this, the game doesn't get a chance to set things back properly and will mess up everything up.
    Just use my quick-shift features to achieve this instead
  • I'm unsure of the behaviour of Vampire thralls/minions obtained through mods when you shift to Werewolf form. Feedback would be appreciated
  • Some NPCs will still comment on your "pale skin" if you've embraced Hybrid and actually have dark skin
  • Being cured by Falion should be fine in most cases, but if you have issues - choose the vampire racial appearance in the Ritual menu
  • Unless Pacified - both Vampires and Werewolves have Disease immunity. These means each one will block the other form from being contracted via diseases.
    This means becoming a Werewolf will prevent you from contracting Sanguinare Vampiris and thus becoming a Vampire through the disease.This means becoming a Vampire will prevent you from contracting some form of Lycanthropy diseaseYou can't use a disease to obtain your second gift. To utilise both, the 2nd gift can be done through the relevant gift givers /quests in the game (Aela, Harkon, Serana) in any order, at any time... SOME mods can also be used (Moonlight Tales will cure your vampirism if you use it to grant Werewolf).

As with ALL mods - you should test/check that the mod functions correctly for your needs BEFORE continuing your play-through of the game. If it doesn't work as desired, remove mod and load previous save.

Please let me know if you encounter issues in detail so I can try to fix them. There's thousands of mods out there, I'm not testing for each one.

New in v6


  • Watch the mod video and subscribe - it covers the important things you need to know.
  • MANY code changes/overhauls, optimisations, and more modular engineering. This should make things MUCH lighter, faster, and reliable. I've learnt a lot since I first started writing this mod, it was about time to include some lessons learnt.
    Many triggers moved to the condition engine.Scripts now smaller, lighter, and more efficient.Many scripts and actions are now multi-threaded.
  • Quick-shifting! This is probably the first major bonus to being a Hybrid - you can now quickly switch between Werebeast, Vampire Lord, and even Lich. This can be triggered by configurable options like dropping to the ground as Vampire Lord or jumping whilst standing still as a Werebeast. Vampire Lord also gets shape-shifting spells to it's spell menu.
  • Custom race support, even custom races without the need for the race compatibility mod
  • My Imperious compatibility patch is no longer valid for v6 onwards. Please remove it - I will have a universal imperious compatibility patch coming soon to enable all custom races to experience the cool features of the Imperious mod.
  • Mods like Growl, Moonlight Tales, Better Vampires, Sacrosanct, etc weren't designed with hybrids in mind, I'm really bending the space-time continuum here to enable hybrid functionality - occasional minor features from the mod may function differently or not at all.
    In all cases - do not use these mod's ability to become werewolf / vampire - either obtain the gifts in the game, or from my settings book.DO NOT complain or pester to these mod authors if something is missing on your hybrid... mention it here - I will try to fix it if I have time and it isn't too difficult. This applies to all werewolf/vampire/lich mods
  • Please don't ask questions that are answered on mod descriptions, FAQs, or in videos. You just annoy people and look dumb in the process.
  • Thank you to community and forum members who share info and help each other out to get things working. The positive community is part of the reason I came back to update mods.
  • Big shout-out and thank you to those who have assisted with testing and detailed bug reporting. It makes my job easier and I look forward to working on simpler mods that don't need so much testing :)
  • If reporting a bug - give me details and include any mods you have that related to Vampire or Werebeast. I can't do anything to fix stuff without detail. Here are some examples:
    What Vampire mods do you have?What Werebeast mods do you have?What Lich mods do you have?What race are you using?Did you have Tainted Blood installed before becoming Vampire?Did you have Tainted Blood installed before becoming Werebeast?In most cases there is something special about your game and mod set up - thousands of successful users prove this.... I need info and details when reporting bugs please. If not, I can't help you and will just close the bug report.
  • Added extra features support for upcoming race mods I'm working on

Comments & Feedback welcomed!!

Thanks & Credits

  • Thank you to those who have constructively reported bugs & issues in detail
  • Big thank you to those who have helped each other out in the posts
  • Extra Hair Colours on Hybrid races are from Haladoon's Extra Hair Colours
  • Male body mesh used in the Tainted Blood robe is from Better Males
  • Shout out to DarkFox127 for his awesome helpful YouTube CreationKit tutorials -

Change Log


  • Added the option in the ritual and settings menu to enable or disable extra head parts from other races
    Most noticeable with hairstyles - You can now do things like have Dremora or Argonian horns on a NordSome parts will look wonky as they were not designed for other race heads - you'll just have to choose something else if they don't display properlyThis used to be a background operation that would run automatically, but lacked functionality & speedThis is now an optimised, optional, controlled step performed by the playerThis feature will also be included in a future race compatibility mod I'm working on
  • Added a workaround for those getting the "werewolf suit" issue after reverting back to human form when using Moonlight Tales SE. The workaround should automatically clean-up the transition FX suit.
  • Added the option to gift or cure Lich in the settings menu. You will still need to complete the quest line to unlock the "Dark Resurgence" phylactery ability though. The quest line status is permanent so you don't need to do it again if you cure and later re-gift Lichdom. 
  • Added multiple ways to access the settings menus:
    Open the info & settings book - the menu will now appear when you exit all the menusIf you lose the book, sleeping should give you another one as it has since v6.0If you're really desperate you can get a new info & settings book at the tanning rack for 1 goldAdded a new settings power to your spell menu
  • Added multiple hair colours from Haladoon's Extra Hair Colours mod to the Hybrid human races.
  • Added the option to disable Mytherceria from Sacrosanct if you don't want to have short days and long nights. It's available in the "Vampire Options" menu in the Ritual.
  • Trimmed down the meshes and textures I implemented. This was a good learning experience for me to implement, but not that practical for most players. A few of the new armours will look a little more boring now, but significant reduction in mod file size
  • Fixed a bug where Quick-Shifting wasn't correctly identifying the use of Werebear from Growl
  • Fixed Harkon still curing werewolf for some players. Harkon pops in and out of dialogue with the player, causing my mod's actions to sometimes be miss-timed - especially if the player was slow to respond to Harkon's offer.
    This should be a lot more robust now.Harkon will now also acknowledge if you have werebeast
  • Fixed issue where completing the Companions Quests in a single session without loading game could result curing vampirism
  • Fixed the mishandling of the LightFoot perk where it could be unintentionally removed when quick-shifting between Vampire Lord and other forms. Also added the option to re-add the perk in the fixes menu in the settings.
  • Fixed Sun Immunity or Sun Resistance not disabling properly when set


  • MANY code changes/overhauls, optimisations, and more modular engineering. This should make things MUCH lighter, faster, and reliable. I've learnt a lot since I first started writing this mod, it was about time to include some lessons learnt.
    Many triggers moved to the condition engine.Scripts now smaller, lighter, and more efficient.Many scripts and actions are now multi-threaded.
  • Most features are optional - you don't use all of them and can disable features if they clash with your specific mod setup
  • If if you have issues with Harkon/Serana granting vampirism back to you, make sure you're in 3rd person camera mode when talking to them. I used to put a safety check into the vanilla game script to fix this, but it meant that the mod could clash with others that need to modify the same script.
  • Most notifications and messages have been moved out of script code and into message forms to make it easier for people to make translations
  • Quick-shifting! This is probably the first major bonus to being a Hybrid - you can now quickly switch between Werebeast, Vampire Lord, and even Lich. This can be triggered by configurable options like dropping to the ground as Vampire Lord or jumping whilst standing still as a Werebeast. Vampire Lord also gets shape-shifting spells to it's spell menu.
  • Since my quick-shifting allows for bypassing the  cooldown of shapeshifting abilities, the "Skinwalker" Breton racial ability from Growl will instead reduce the cost of quick-shifting between forms if you have Growl installed.
  • Customisable human form appearaces - look like a normal, human, vampire, my hybrid human races - it's all up to you.
    Also supports the half-beast visuals from Growl, and the Lich races from Path of Transcendence. All vampire/werebeast features will work, but you'll need to be vampire/werebeast/lich/etc to use those visual appearances.For the Lich appearance you must have Path of Trascendence installed, and either become a Lich in Path of Transcendence AND/OR become a Lich in the Undeath mod.
  • Fixed the issues causing things to disappear for people using the RaceMenu mod - I apologise for this unforeseen conflict. If you need to get the options added back in from RaceMenu, just delete RaceMenu -> load game -> save new game -> install RaceMenu again and load the new save.
  • Fixed issues with AttackSpeed modification when Hybrid
  • Greatly improved custom race compatibility
  • Stopped Dawnguard followers from leaving you if you become vampire or hybrid
  • Added a button to refresh/reload the mod in the settings book in case something goes screwy
  • Due to game engine limitations that can upset long-term condition checking, the mod will refresh itself in the background whenever you sleep
  • Improved the mechanics for sun resistance. Added selectable options for full-immunity, immunity during combat only, or no immunity to the sun.
  • Ritual power now only granted after sleeping when you have Vampire or Werebeast abilities
  • It's recommended to sleep once you've unlocked Lich abilities from a supported mod in order for Tainted Blood to detect them properly


  • Fangs have been added to the hybrid races. This was a lot of f-ing about as I learnt fangs are done via morphs, not head parts. I eventually came up with a way to extract them and create head parts so hopefully you guys enjoy them. Update the Imperious patch if you use it.
  • Moved a bunch of settings to a menu on the mod info book - you can now quickly go here to change various mod settings.
  • Added Werebear appearance option for werewolves.
  • Re-wrote some of the Ritual code - including a bunch of code optimisation, hopefully leading to better performance and fewer bugs...
    Now also clarifies the status of your gifts.Also - ingredients are not needed anymore... but now only available to cast once per day
  • Tainted Blood Calling Spell is being deprecated and will disappear from your spell menu. It never quite worked as I had intended and will be superseded by upcoming updates to include more hybrid abilities.
  • Added option to use wearbear skin.
  • Fixed Vampire Lord Royal Armour functionality and removed the accidental buff that was given when wearing it (Harkon's buffs when he wears it)
  • Eye colour choice should now work for hybrid races properly, including the options to use vampire eyes, including any eye mods you have installed. All eye options will remain unlocked, even after curing or pacification... figured this would be an easy cool bonus :)
  • Fixed and simplified some appearance options for hybrid humanoid races. This was adding complexity and I'll re-introduce some of these in a separate mod. All the eye options are still there though[-]Removed references to unused AppearMortal script.
  • DRASTICALLY reduced the chance of my custom loading screens. Sorry about this...
  • Added option to toggle off the added loading screens entirely as compensation :)
  • Removed the health reduction after casting the ritual - a few players were being killed for some reason[-]Fixed some timings with the ritual as some players were getting mixed results
  • Fixed some unintentional debugging messages
  • Fixed some spelling and punctuation


  • Added A LOT of skin colour options to the hybrid humanoid races.
  • Unlocked all the appearance feature customisation options to the hybrid humanoid races. I started adding extra features, but it was starting to make the mod too complex - these will be split off into a separate mod. Some features (like Khajiit hair) will look weird on some races they weren't intended for. Have a quick laugh, then just ignore.
  • Added support for Hybrid Race appearance customisation using mods like "A Change of Face". If you have a custom race installed, this may affect the options available to the hybrid races, depending on how your custom race uses head part lists.
  • Changed the way vampire flags are applied to the hybrid human races in order to enable appearance customisation
    This required a bit of an overhaul of the hybrid human races since the game engine doesn't change the face colour if the race has the "vampire" keyword stored in it directly. It's f***ing stupid, and is one of the reasons Bethesda just disabled vampire appearance modification (among others).It took me a while, but I've found a way to make it fully work with the Hybrid Humanoid races. I can't fix the vanilla vampire races though as it would cause clashes with some vampire mods.
  • If you use the ritual to embrace/pacify in any way, it'll bring up the game's appearance customisation menu. I had to do this to unlock the new options for hybrids, and to ensure the game resets appearances to valid options for vanilla races.
  • Added some appearance customisation for vampire lord in the "Tainted Blood Ritual" spell menu - choose from standard or royal armors, and enable a cape if you choose. Use this if you're one of the users getting a naked vampire lord.
  • Now the Dawnguard will never shun you in dialog, even if you become a vampire.
  • Fixed the issue with the "Tainted Blood Calling" power causing you to become slightly taller or shorter every time you use it. Don't get too attached though - this ability hasn't really worked the way I'd hoped and I may remove it in the next major version.
  • Reduced the time sunlight damage is suspended after combat for hybrid humanoids (7 sec).
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs keep referring to the sky being dark/esclipsed - this was likely caused from rapidly exiting, then re-entering combat as a hybrid humanoid
  • Added an option in the "Clease" menu in the "Tainted Blood Ritual" to reset the eclipse if NPC's keep commenting on the dark sun, despite it being a normal day
  • "Tainted Blood Ritual" will now ensure the correct races for shape-shifting back to human are used. If you're ending up in a weird state after shifting back to human, embrace appropriately again - this should now permanently resolve your issues.
  • Fixed an issue where taking a long time to cure or receive gifts would assume you'd shape-shifted into something from another mod
  • Improved support for custom human races - although there's probably more stuff I need to do, will require player feedback
  • Improved support for other mods with their own shape-shifting - a prompt will ask you to confirm when you first switch to a new human or shape-shifted race
  • Added a compatibility patch for the Classical Lichdom mod
  • Included a fix for some people getting stuck in the werewolf transform FX armor - basically it looks like you're a human running around in a dead werewolf skin. This isn't actually related to my mod and is a game bug more common in Oldrim. Nevertheless it was as easy workaround to include.
  • Fixed some spelling and grammar errors.
  • Users of the DVA mod should get better results now
  • Added a couple of loading screens


  • Fixed RedGuard Hybrids being too dark
  • Reduced the amount of weakening after casting the ritual
  • Added Tainted Blood Calling power - once per day you may temporarily call on your mixed blood for 60sec, combining Dragonborn, Werewolf, and Vampire aspects. This will equip your main Vampire Lord spell (transform into Vampire Lord form every few levels to ensure it's updated), Werewolf melee damage and damage resistance, your existing equipped gear & buffs, increased movement speed, and the shout "Unrelenting Force". The Vampire Lord drain spell will also advance your Vampire Lord perks if it gets the killing blow - same as when in Vampire Lord form


  • Hybrid humanoid races - embrace it and walk around like a true Hybrid!
  • Cross-over of some abilities when transforming - more true Hybrid functionality. More to come at some stage
  • A couple of interesting books have shown up in the College of Winterhold
  • Fixed a bug where Embracing too early in the game caused Sacrosanct to change you into a Nord
  • Compatibility patch available for Imperious - Races of Skyrim in the Optional files


  • Added re-gifting feature in the "Cleanse" menu of the Ritual - this will cure each gift and re-gift them back again. This will be useful for a few users experiencing challenges with other mods curing opposing gifts.
  • Added a bugfix/safeguard to ensure that camera is in 3rd person when receiving Harkon's/Serana's gift (vanilla game engine doesn't detect transformations properly after and kind of race change happens in 1st person, unless you save & load)


  • Stopped disabling a particular Vampire flag whilst in Werewolf form - looks like it was causing some Vampire mods to occassionally get confused, shift you back and potentially cure you.This now means that Dawnguard can show up, and your Vampirism stages can progess whilst in Werewolf form - the stages from lack of feeding, that is (not perks or anything like that).
  • Ported to original/legendary Skyrim


  • Added feature to allow Castle Volkihar vampires to always speak to you with this mod enabled
  • Removed an extra debug message I forgot to disable
  • Fixed ritual animation so it can't be bypassed


  • Rewritten with new design, using some code fragments from the original mod.
  • By far the most stable and effective version yet.
  • If running a version previous to this -> use uninstall power, delete mod, load game, save game, install mod, continue playing


Apologies I never finished updating the original mod to version 2... this was never finished due to the complexity of the features I was trying to add, my lack of  scripting skills, I stopped playing, and general life got in the way.


  • Changed mechanics for suspending Werewolf stuff whilst in Vampire Lord form - you'll no longer have "Beast Form" removed & re-added, it will now stay in your favorites menu.
  • Added option in the Uninstall Spell to just reset the main controlling spells.
  • Implemented mod update feature so relevant spells and effects are now only reset on mod update. (also stops text showing up in corner of screen each time you load).


  • Fixed minor bug where some players may not have had Werewolf stuff suspended whilst in Vampire Lord form as designed
  • Increased compatibility for custom races - still need further testing though