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  1. Wolfdoggie
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    Why does this mod make me immediately crash when I swim in water? Once I uninstall it never happens.
    1. yayieali
      • member
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      Its outdated, the updated version is already included in Racemenu mod.
    2. pewpewsmurfer
      • member
      • 26 posts
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      so there is no need to download this if you already have the latest racemenu?
    3. Donselino
      • member
      • 243 posts
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      Pewds what are you doing here, go make me a video.
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  2. KilliaynnaFayne
    • member
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    Hello, im playing Skyrim special edition, we have the skse64 out and race menu just got ported over, however, it currently does not have the ability for overlay .few other things this mod supports Plus .provided ect

    i read that someone said in your comments that by removing the DLL and INI files the rest will incorporate into race menu, do you know if this is correct and if so the person who made that comment didn't finish explaining how to and exactly which files to add n where to add them too.

    i unzipped the files removed said files..

    should i rezip it and install it or should i add the loose files?

    to what folder and what category//ie SkSe64/SEE , plugins, or data files ect?

    , i really want to use face tattoos n other tattoos n at current build race menu for skyrim special edition is missing vital things,( the current included and not included is listed on here:

    Features not functional

    Face Overlays (Body, Hands, Feet should work)
    Sculpting (Partial, you can import sculpts from LE)
    Export Head (no ETA)
    Import Head (no ETA, this feature can be ported from LE by saving a sculpt preset and loading it in SE)


    ... thank you for your time and patience and hope to hear something soon,n blessed be~

    PS..i do not know how to port./import as suggested above lol can't get creation kit to work for me even if i knew how to use it lol :)
    1. Hokies001
      • premium
      • 156 posts
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      I can respond to the racemenu portion, deleting the dll and ini does work fine. I currently use tattoos with racemenu. ECE however needs a fully functional release. For installation just add the file to NMM or Mod organizer. Install the file, then go to SKSE folder and delete DLL and INI.
    2. CyberDanz
      • premium
      • 33 posts
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      Sorry, I am way late on this... However, for anyone searching and reading this: The removal of the *.dll and *.ini files is to make XP32 Maximum Skeleton (MCM Option) to work with other mods like CBPC Physics and the MCM Recommended mods on CBPC's download page. If you are not using Custom Animations (whether created by yourself or downloaded) then you do NOT need THIS.. or.. Racemenu for that matter (even Custom Races that are downloaded may require physics - that depends on your purpose - Adult Mods for sure.. and maybe some Non-Ault Mods even. Anyhow... so far, to my knowledge... that is the reason for deleting the *.dll and *.ini files... seems to incorporate the MCM Options better when using such mods.
  3. MoneyObscura
    • member
    • 96 posts
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    Plz port to SSE, we not asking for a lot...
    1. VampiresZombiesLiches
      • member
      • 891 posts
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      unfortunately we are. 90% of all people constantly ask for mods and ask for ports but never ever donate or endorse mods
    2. soso695
      • member
      • 30 posts
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      mods are free morron
  4. Syftelurth
    • supporter
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    For anyone that gets stuck in Raldbthar, crashing to desktop every time they try to leave the dungeon; this mod is the cause.
  5. windkzx
    • member
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    I am using this on Skyrim SE for XP32 to change the weapon position. One problem mentioned so many times is that the nioverride/skee64 is making not only saving but also passing a door extremely slow.....Anyone can fix it?
  6. StrayHALOMAN
    • supporter
    • 38 posts
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    I ported blush when aroused to sse... but I need a sse version of net immerse to use it :(
  7. jeromes09
    • supporter
    • 544 posts
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    I under stand that we need to deleting the dll and ini for this to work with SSE.. But what does this mod do then?
  8. Pickelsturn
    • BANNED
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    -________- RIP XP32 MCM
    1. daman123456
      • member
      • 94 posts
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      Are you on Special Edition? It always worked for me in the past I dunno whats changed :(
  9. mikenac
    • member
    • 2 posts
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    Anybody get any auto transform high heels working with RaceMenu alpha/NIO (SSE yet)? I have Racemenu alpha6 running just fine, but I get no height change for any correctly modded heels (LadyHorus Tera). Any thoughts?
  10. kardienlupus
    • member
    • 19 posts
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    Thanks for this mod