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The mod enhances Character interactivity with Skyrim world. It adds different animations to the Player to interact with the surrounding objects, basic needs, sleep in bed, new recipes, food and drinks and usable Mead kegs.

Permissions and credits
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Mod's purpose is to enhance the main character interactivity. It adds different animations to the Player to interact with surrounding objects. The mod functionality covers:

  • Requirement in food, drink, sleep and bath
  • Custom food and drink animation
  • Food Spoilage
  • Addiction
  • Disease reaction animation
  • Timescale
  • Sleep in bed and coffin
  • Idle animations
  • Animation to interact with objects: take, pick up or open
  • Includes dancing animation from Dance Animation for Modder
  • New Food and Drinks
  • Soaps and Bath Towels
  • Usable Mead Kegs
  • Play flute, lute and drum
  • Waterskin
  • Recipes overhaul
  • Hotkeys for Idles and Basic Needs
  • Poison, Trap and Disease damage
  • Optional Arrows auto unequip feature
  • Dynamic Compatibility patch

The mod was designed to be as less script intense as possible, fast and to not bloat a save file.
The detailed manual how to use it is in the Article section and is available in MCM in the game.

I’ve made it for my personal use but decided to share it. This is not a WIP and it will not suit to everyone’s play style. The mod requires Skyrim 1.9 + all DLCs + FNIS + SKSE + SkyUI and does not support followers.



  • Animation to interact with objects
  • Pick up firewood from Wood Piles. Use ZF Spell staying close to a wood pile
  • Ability to sit, lay down, lean walls or tables in places where NPCs can do it
  • Poison, Trap and Disease damage has been increased.
  • Disease Reaction. Animated reaction on diseases.
  • Food Spoilage. Spoiled food will added to the game. And food can be spoiled in the Inventory.
  • Addiction. Alcoholic drinks and Sweet Roll have an addiction chance.
  • Usable Mead Kegs.
  • Timescale, Food Discovery chance and Carriage costs can be adjusted in MCM.
  • Unequip arrows together with bows. It works for all NPCs, Followers and the Player. It is enabled by default but can be toggled in the Other Settings of the Patcher.
  • Powered by Skyproc for compatibility patches.

Basic Needs Module

  • Adds the requirement in sleep, food, drink and bath.
  • Lack of sleep, food, bathing or drink, raw food poisoning and a high level of alcohol could be fatal.
  • Timescale and Carriage costs can be adjusted in MCM
  • Almost all actions added by the mod to the Player are animated.
  • Needs status and almost all idle animations are activated by a single spell.
  • Adds custom animation to almost all vanilla food to eat different items in third person.
  • Drink water from natural sources or wells.
  • The option to get water by melting ice.
  • The Player can be drunk.
  • Different sound feedback for each stage of starvation, sleep debt and thirty. 28 gender specific sounds in total.
  • The mod supports vampirism, werewolf and cannibal feedings.

Recipes Overhaul

  • Changes vanilla recipes to balance salt requirement with other ingredients;
  • Adds 42 new recipes;
  • Adds 38 new food models with custom animation support.
  • Adds raw meat to Wolf, Slaughterfish and Boar.
  • New recipes to cook the same food by using different ingredients.
  • Replaces some Vanilla’s soup and strew textures with Alternative soup textures.
  • Includes Nernies excellent food. Merchants will sell it or you can cook them.

Seep in Bed and Coffin

  • Supports all vanilla beds and coffins. It does not conflict with the Dark Brotherhood questline.
  • Alternative approach to send the Player to bed and to wake him up. It is fast and not affected by the Player closed eye bug of Skyrim 1.9 update.
  • Supports "Geared Up" INI feature.

Idle Animations

  • Some animations depend on location and on the proximity to certain objects.
  • Includes:
    a) 3 different animations to warm hands if the Player is close to fire sourcesb) If the Player is drinking alcohol in taverns there is a chance to join a drunk party while a bard singing.c) Sit cross legged. HotKey and Duration can be configured in MCMd) Lay down. HotKey and Duration can be configured in MCMe) Meditate. HotKey and Duration can be configured in MCMf) Play flute, lute or drum. There are 6 flute, 4 lute and 3 drum songs available.g) Blood oath in the Temple of all Divines in Solitudeh) 2 animations to examine Market Stallsi) Look far animation in the Wildnessj) 14 Dancing animations from Dance Animation for Modder



Supported mods by ZF Patcher:
Dual Sheath Redux
Expanded Towns and Cities
Nernies City and Village Expansion
Unique Booze Bottles
Unofficial Skyrim Patch
Drinking Fountains of Skyrim
Skyrim Immersive Creatures
Requiem. Load ZF Primary Needs.esp after it
Bathing Beauties Luxury Suite
Northern Bathhouses
Underground Bathhouse
Solitude Public Bathhouse
Showers in Inns
Solitude Expansion(check Solitude Docks District posts for the link)
The mod should be fully compatible with any other mods that do not add/change food, drinks or basic needs.


Make sure that you have installed:
  • SKSE 1.7.2 or higher
  • SkyUI 5.1 or higher for MCM menu
  • FNIS 6.0 or higher for custom animations
  • Java Runtime Environment 8 or higher for the Skyproc compatibility patch

    Install the mod:
    1. Backup your last save;
    1. Use NMM to install the mod;
    2. Run FNIS’ Generate FNIS for Users to add custom animation to the game;
    3. Run ZF Primary Needs Patcher.jar from Data / SkyProc Patchers / ZF Primary Needs Patcher to create a compatibility patch and enable some mod's features. It will create ZF Primary Needs Patch.esp in the Data folder. Place it at the bottom of your load order;
    5. Launch the game and activate the mod in MCM;
    6. Play.


    1. Deactivate the mod in MCM;
    2. Close MCM;
    3. Wait for 5 sec. The mod will restore vanilla settings;
    4. Exit Skyrim and install a new version;
    5. Run FNIS’ Generate FNIS for Users;
    6. Run ZF Primary Needs Patcher.jar from Data / SkyProc Patchers / ZF Primary Needs Patcher to create a compatibility patch and enable some mod's features;
    7. In the game. Open MCM;
    8. Activate the mod;
    9. Play.


    1. MCM -> Deactivate
    2. Use NMM to uninstall the mod;
    3. Run FNIS to remove custom animation added by the mod;
    4. Delete ZF Primary Needs Patch.esp from the Data folder.

    It is important to make sure that there are no beds around. The mod blocks activation of nearest beds on the cell load and unblocks them when the Player leaves the cell. Uninstalling the mod while you are in the cell with any bed in it will permanently block them.

    Known Issues

    If click on the bed that is owned by some fraction and the Player is not allowed to sleep in it, he will get stuck in front of the bed. Use Release Player option in MCM or load the last save. As a rule, avoid trying to sleep in owned beds.


    Skyproc Troubleshooting is the same as for Automatic Variants


    Scot for his excellent Alternative soup textures - modders resource
    Nernie for his food models and textures: Nernies City and Village Expansion
    TreasureChest for the Waterskin model from Fur Bag - Backpack mod
    InsanitySorrow for Soap and Bath Towel models
    umpa for his dancing animation conversion Dance Animation for Modder
    DienesToo from Bethesda forum for continuing developing Skyproc