1. Thehaluzer
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    Why does this mod conflict with "Eyes Of beauty PLAYER V9"?
  2. RizZEN024
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    I was crashing when entering any dungeon that mostly had frostbite spiders not sure why, or any cave seemed to crash more often than other dungeons until I uninstalled this one mod in my 134 mods... Idk it could be a conflict but if anyone else is having an issue with that like entering liars retreat or cronvangr cave this was the culprit
  3. prestongarveys
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    Yo is this compatible with Realistic Animals and Predators?
  4. Emihirst
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    Do I need this mod to also run the Bellyache's Package on Automatic Variants?

    EDIT: Ah, 'complimented'. Sorry, just being dumb. I thought I'd seen something somewhere that said.
  5. kloud110
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    For some reason the frostbite Spiders are red in my game.

    Am I missing textures in my folder or did I not install something that needs to be?
  6. SnurklesMcChungus
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    Great mod man! Most of the creature textures are working correctly, but for some reason my deer, bear, and saber cat textures are not loading at all. All I get is the mesh without any details, kinda creepy. Could there be a simply reason for this glitch? Anyone else experience something similar? I don't have any other mods that affect these creatures either.
  7. Premchand
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    Little weid that the cows get a lower res texture than much smaller animals like goats or skeevers. Rest looks great though, thank you.
  8. PizzaJester
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    just so you know, the timber wolf and brown wolf are kinda opposite. if you use the custom selections and want timber wolf you have to select the brown wolf and vise versa. same with the pelts, if you have timber wolves in the game you'll get brown wolf pelts instead of the timber wolf pelt. i personally dont mind much but just incase anyone cares about consistency in the animals and there furs and what not.
  9. DonQuixoteIII
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    I love the mod in general, but some of the fur is very shiny. Dark bears, black wolves... Just thought that I'd point that out, since I am building a new skyrim and leaving your mod out just for that reason. Kinda immersion-breaking (my definition - I HAVE to do a double-take when I see it) when I plonk a plastic wolf.

    EDIT: MY APOLOGIES!!! It was the ENB that I just started using, NOT your mod.You may (PLEASE! remove this comment!
  10. KingJamesIII
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    This mod is asking to Overwrite SMIM... I know SMIM is touchy. Do I do it? Can anybody please clarify
    1. Will58448
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      The only conflict with SMIM is for a bird texture. It doesn't really matter either way. You can overwrite it if you'd rather use the texture from this mod, it won't break anything.