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Created by Dogtown1, edited by Ironman5000. Adds many new creatures to the game by adding them through the game's levelled lists, all with their own appearance, powers, and weapons.

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Monster Mod is a creation of Dogtown1, reloaded on the Nexus and edited/maintained by Ironman5000

Here is an excellent overview by Brodual



This mod adds hundreds of new creatures to skyrim along with many new weapons that can be found in the hands of a few creatures, fully integrated into the levelled lists meaning they will spawn throughout the entire game.
This mod was created to build a lot more diversity and to bring a greater challenge the game, and will continue to do so even for player at the highest levels as. The creatures are leveled to the player, so be patient, some of the big bad guys you will not see till later levels
The weapons are not added to vendor lists or crafting lists to make the mod more compatible with other weapon mods, although they can be tempered at a grinding wheel and enchanted.

Changelog - V3.2

- Fixed the missing Scamp textures
- Made new classes of the humanoid Flame enemies, so now there will be mage, melee, and ranged (bow and arrow) types making full use of their levelled elemental weapons
- Added levelled Spirit Lord enemies (using the flame lord model) which specialize in shock magic, and have new levelled lightning-based playable Spirit Staffs
- Added Flame Lurkers, another type of fire atronach which uses hand-to-hand attacks that inflict fire damage and use fire shouts
- Added a couple more Dreugh types, one fire-based one shock-based.

Changelog - V3.1

- Fixed invisible creatures
- Added levelled elemental fire weapons for the levelled Flame Lord
- Added Alpha Dreugh

Changelog - V3

Added several new creatures including,

- Scamp, just like the ones from Oblivion. Will level with the player using armoured variants
- Goblin, found alongside falmer and use levelled magic
- Daedroth, just like the ones from Oblivion. Will level with the player using armoured variants
- New humanoid Flame Atronach, levels with the player (Flame Warrior > Flame Lord > Flame Overlord > Flame Demigod) and will use more powerful fire magic as it levels.
- Dreugh, a tough enemy found at higher levels
- Dwarven Worm, uses fire magic
- New Drake varieties
- New Dragon Daedroth varieties
- New Cyclops varieties
- New Giant Cyclops varieties
- New Daedra Spider Varieties
- New Naga Varieties
- New Draugr varieties

Changelog - V2

Added several new including,

- Feral Draugr, 4 types that level with the player
- Cursed Draugr, levels with the player
- Flesh Spirit, an undead prouct of necromancy
- Dwarven Droid and Dwarven steel droid, Steel is lower level than dwarven, use shock magic
- Dwarven Empress, powerful automaton using fire magic
- Dwarven Ripper and Steel Ripper, use shock magic
- Dwarven smasher and Steel Smasher
- Dwarven Sweeper, uses shock magic
- Dwarven Worker
- Troll Guardian and Frost Troll Guardian, tougher and bulkier than vanilla ones

Monsters Removed from the original Momod V12:
Cave Lurk - The slimey toad monster
Creeper - The horned cyclops lizard man
Arch Daemon - The Diablo monster
Draugr Warrior - The undead armoured guy with the helmet
Necromancer - Looks like a robed floating sorcerer
Giant Ant
Giant Gar - The mutated fish thing
Hell Hound - There were 2 kinds, I get rid of both
Giant Insect - Looks like a mutated spider
Necro Mage - The gross purple guy
Parasite - A bug alien from Cloverfield
Raven - Bloodwing from BL2
Dragon - NOT the actual dragons, it's the fugly one on all-fours
Giant Scorpion
Dragon Spawn - The pink monster that looks a bit like a T-Rex
Daedroth - There were 2 kinds, one from Oblivion one from Resident Evil
Undead - There was one type that needed removing, the other looks fine (has a hood)
Ice Witch

Despite these cuts there is still a huge amount of monsters to encounter, and most of these guys were only added in later versions of momod.

If you decide to go for a immersive experience then choose the Immersive Monster Mod file, which removes creatures that use assets that you might recognise from other games and the few dinosaurs.

Removed for Immersion
Giant Boar
Death Golem
Alpha Drake
Rot Fiend
The werewolf from Witcher 2

Place the esm and bsa files into your data folder. Everything will begin to appear from a new game, if you are currently in the middle of a game wait indoors for 4 days for spawns to reset.

The same rule applies with updates, when I release a new version install then wait 4 in-game days for the new stuff to appear. THIS WILL NOT AFFECT SAVE GAMES IN ANY WAY SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT CLEAN SAVES.

This mod contains NO scripts, package edits, animations, cell edits of any kind, or dialog changes to reduce the chance of any conflicts with other mods
The mod only edits vanilla creature leveled lists, and lots of them, so when installing this mod, a clean save or start a new game will have the best results
If you use any mod that adds creatures the same way, a bashed patch will allow them function together (see Wrye Bash).

I also highly recommend checking out GrandBulwark's optimization guide - Skyrim Project Stability if you want to ensure you have your system prepared for using large mods like Momod.

Lifestorock for the early SIC assets
digital lion
Muppet Puppet
CD Projekt RED
GSC Gameworld
Vicn for his new resource pack

(If I left anyone out let me know and I will promptly update the list)

All feedback is welcome, leave any comments, thanks or questions in the comments section :)
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