About this mod

This mods adds a huge dungeon, an underground city with a player home and more.

Permissions and credits

From the guy who brought you an idioticly big tower, weird looking armor and a town that nobody gave a ****, comes a masterpiece in Skyrim modding, a mod so good you will tell your grandkids about it. It's bigger, harder, better looking THAN A POTATO!!


(The Most Dangerous Dungeon Ever Which Has An Underground City And Stuff)

This mod adds way more than just a potato to your game.
By downloading this fine piece of work you will get:

- A dungeon bigger than Andy Sambergs nose*. It contains 75 levels fully packed with monsters and shit. *BA DUM TS*
- An underground City whithin that dungeon. *BA DUM TS*
- A player home within that underground city. *BA DUM TS*
- A new follower "Soromir" (can be found in the Bearded Bandit Tavern). *BA DUM TS*
- Tons of new music from the ASTRONOMICLY talented Adrian von Ziegler. *BA DUM TS*

To reach this wonderfully built dungeon, travel to Understone Keep (Markarth). Instead of entering the Keep, turn to your right and you will immediately see the door to THE PATH TO HELL!!! *BA DUM TS*
Read all the books/notes you find, they will help you on your journey.

This is an endgame dungeon, the enemies are not levelled (as intended). So please don't enter the dungeon and go crying to Andy Samberg afterwards. He won't be able to comfort you anyway.**

I assembled a few tips in a seperate text file added to the archive in the main download.
Ancient Cave will add 3-5h of new gameplay. Depending on how much of a badass you are.

As this is an indoor mod you most likely will have to adjust the brightness, maybe more than once.
It is quite impossible to find lighting thats suitable for everybody and every enb.

Drop the downloaded data folder in your skyrim main directory (where TESV.exe is) or use NMM like a civilized human being.

You won't be deinstalling this insanely good mod so there is no need for deinstallation instructions.

- Functional brain
- Make sure you have the newest version of Skyrim
- Monster Mod v4 (834,324kb size)
- It does NOT require any DLC's

Special thanks to Adrian von Ziegler who let me use his powerful songs in my mod.
After visiting your usual pornographic sites, why not swing by his Youtube Channel and take a look at his works?!

varlaisaran for his resources in Adabala Building System - Ayleid Transfusion.

Oaristys for his resources in Modders Resource Pack.

Why is there no Q&A?
Why would I ask myself questions and write them down?
Well I just did.

Please consider sharing some screenshots you made.
Watch the Trailer in the video section for a closer look.
Please report any bugs and other difficulties.

*very big
** his nose is too big so he won't be able to hug you