Giantess - Monster Mod Plugin for More Female Giants by Nerd of Prey
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Installing this by itself will probably kill your game & your dog!

Download the excellent Monster Mod here.

All credit for the Female Giant model due to the makers of Monster Mod:
"Monster Mod is a creation of Dogtown1, reloaded on the Nexus and edited/maintained by Ironman5000."
This small plugin is uploaded with the kind permission of Ironman5000. Thanks!

One of the great things about Monster Mod is that it finally adds female giants to Skyrim. However, the way the mod works, they are just one of several colorful varieties of giant with a % chance to spawn in the game, so they remain fairly rare.

My plugin manually adds between 1 and 3 female giants to each camp in the game, based on the size of the camp and my whims. The result is more giants overall, since the random spawns are not affected, and hopefully a fairly even gender balance. The possibility may exist, however slight, that your game could randomly spawn tons of female giants and suddenly the males would be rare.

28 female giants are added in total.

The giants added by my plugin are renamed from "Female Giant" to "Giantess" only so I could distinguish them from random spawns in my own game. My giants are slightly less aggressive than standard giants (to maintain balance) but otherwise follow standard giant AI. Attacking a camp will be a little more dangerous because they will defend it, but they might not mind you just passing through. Giant bounty quests will be harder, but I only got stomped to death once while gathering screenshots!

Note: The Female Giants from Monster Mod wear a version of Forsworn Armor, so whatever retexture you use for Forsworn Armor will change their outfits too.

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