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Enables taking, grabbing, selling, placing, throwing, pushing, dropping and pulling of applicable MSST forms converted to MISC forms like plates, bones, bricks, pots, etc.

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Name: More Interactive Items (Now includes DLC supplements)

By: JustinOther

Description: Enables grabbing, throwing, pushing, pulling, taking, buying and selling of 87 pre-exisiting moveable static forms converted/replaced to/with miscellaneous forms including bowls, cups, plates, ewers, bones, logs, pottery, small stone blocks, knives, forks, urn fragments, etc.

Install: Unpack and place More Interactive Items.esp in Skyrim\Data\, then activate More Interactive Items.esp in your launcher's Data Files menu.

Uninstall: Delete the file(s).

Thanks: Beth and the TES5Edit Team.

Pics: Feel free to upload fun pics of what you do with this on the Nexus page. It's set up to let people post pics if they want :)

Grab Moveable Statics, the old version, merely allows interaction with the items, but does not enable putting them in your inventory as they remain moveable statics. Thanks to MaboroshiDaikon's Skyrim String Localizer, it is now one plugin for all languages.