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This mod will allow you to unlock Ebony Blade without killing half of Skyrim ;)
One handed option available :)

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Hi guys,

Make sure that you unlock the blades powers using the Ebony blade that you will find on the table before you reforge it!

Did it annoy you too that you had to kill NPCs that liked you and you were friends with in order to upgrade your Ebony Blade? Well I have a solution :)

This mod has no scripts.

This mod add a separate cell. There is a trapdoor in the room where you find the ebony blade that leads into a dungeon/prison where are NPCs you can kill to unlock the blade without having to kill any friendly NPCs. On the table where you find the ebony blade there is a small journal that should explain what purpose does the dungeon serve. And the entrance is just next to the table.

One handed warriors rejoice there is an option to craft One Handed Ebony Blade in any forge if you have the Two handed Ebony Blade in your inventory. One handed mesh was brought to you by Bergzore

In order to make the mod as compatible as possible I have not changed anything about the original Ebony Blade, just in case you would like to use this mod with some other Ebony Blade changing mods.
I would recommend that when you upgrade your blade you should visit a smith and recraft your blade to 1h or 2h version. The swords are Daedrick material now. Damage is a LOT higher. If you are using 1h version you can reforge the sword to 2h and back anytime you want, but you will have to sharpen the blade again. These are my blades completely fixed and you will be able to hand the blade onto the wall now :)

Known issues:
Sometimes you kill NPCs too quickly and the kill won't count. Before you start killing my experiments make sure that the quest has properly started and was updated before you start killing stuff. Also take time between the kills. If you kill an NPC before the drain life effect finished on your previous victim or Mephala finishes to speak the kill will count as one.

If you would like the blade to have the Oiginal enchantment check out the Full Ebony Blade by Glitchfinder

Enjoy, comment and let me know your suggestions for improving this mod. ;)

Latest version of Skyrim nothing else.

Thank you for all your comments, endorsements and suggestions.

Much Love D13
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