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Hi guys,

I have updated my mod to be Dragonborn DLC compatible. Please choose only one file.

Also available on SteamWorkshop

Thanks so much to the Awesome TheXcessiveGamer for the voiced review :)

I got sick and tired of the fact that the first quest line I followed was the thieves guild quest and at the end I got a super awesome Nightingale armor and weapons only to find out that they could've been even better but because I picked them up on low level they are now totally *pup* items.

Well this mod fixes that problem. It adds a Hammer Of Experience into Skyrim. It is pretty easy to create. All you need is:
Fire wood
Iron Ingot
And Full Grand Soul Gem.

You will have to create this Hammer every time you wish to upgrade a Unique Leveled item. That is the cost of Leveling up your favourite weapon or armor. And it also makes it a little bit difficult for all your leveled items to be the highest level unless you are REALLY trying.

These are special recipes and to save a LOT of space in the crafting menu as it is nearly 80 new recipes, they will show them selves to You ONLY if you'll have the leveled item (armor, weapons, clothing) in your inventory and reach required level as per Leveled items list to keep the game balanced.
Each time you will level the item using the Hammer of Experience, it will upgrade the item only to the next level so If you for example find Chillrend on level 12 and at level 45 you will decide you would like to have that sword on maximum you will have to Level it up three times before it will be on your maximum. Once you hit level 46 you can level it one more final time :)

The ONLY place where a Leveled items can be upgraded is the Skyforge as that is the place where the Legends are born :)

By pure accident when I was creating these recipes I found out why it is that the Amulet of Articulation in Leveled Items didn't level properly. It is fixed now :)

To do:
Hardcore version - To upgrade your item you will need Arcane smithing perk and relating perk. Example for Spellbreaker - Dwarwen smithing, for Chillrend - Glass smithing, Nightingale - advanced armors etc. I am open to suggestions.
Also to make No soul gem required option available. Fix any issues if by any miracle will some occur.

Much Love D13
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Credits: CzuCzuRender & Rhage87 for help with the Hammer. Thank you guys.
Also thanks to Logan the Totally Epic Gamer for the first video. His Lets play series is a Must see :D