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One check every three-game days on relationships/quest stages. Should criteria be met, the appropriate relationships will be made between the Player and NPCs.

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===This is a community project; Skyrim is too big for me to fix on my own. Do tell me of any relationships that should be added/changed when you have done something that would affect that NPC, such as a quest, marrying a family member, etc.===

*Note: This mod (accidentally) requires Dawnguard and Hearthfire. This is a mistake on my end; this will be fixed on the next update. If you are experiencing CTDs after installing this mod, it is because you don't have the DLC.*

[[How to install:

Unpack to Data folder.]]

***This is perfectly save to use in existing saves***

***Due to the 1.7 patch and the way it handles "Start Game Enabled" quests, you may need to install the mod, load your save, save, quit skyrim, and reload. It will now work if it didn't before.***

Every 75 in-game hours a script will make various checks on relationships between the Player and certain NPCs, how far and/or in which way the Player has completed a quest.

For example, should you have helped Saadia in "My Time of Need", you would just be given a monetary reward. End of.
Now, you will have bonded with Saadia. Saving her life? That earned you "Lover" status (Relationship rank 4). With Kematu, you spared him and brought him his quarry. For the sake of fairness to gay/female characters, he will also have "Lover" status with the player.

Another example:
When you get out of helgen (Lets say, with Hadvar), you eventually are given "friend" status with Alvor. Now, you'll get "Ally status" with the rest of Hadvar's family. You DID save him, after all.

What this mod will also do, is add you to appropriate factions.
Say that you married Carlotta Valentia (Through use of my "Everyone is followable" mod, or some other mod that adds NPCs to the marriable faction), you will now be able to adopt her daughter, Mila Valentia, and will be added to Carlotta's home faction.

Changelog(In terms of hold):

Morthal: Falion

Markarth: Brother Verulus

Whiterun: Amren + Saffir, Danica, Fralia Greymane + Olfina Greymane, Saadia, Kematu, Andurs, Danica Pure-spring

Riverwood: Sven + Hilde, Alvor + Family, Gerdur + Family

Falkreath: Lod, Hafjorg

Riften: TalenJei, Keerava

Solitude: Greta, Angeline Morrard, Taarie

Windhelm: Suvaris Atheron, Rolff Stone Fist, Quintus Navale


Changelog(In terms of versions):

V0.12 (Removed older versions. Changed to correct version scheme)

Greta, Angeline Morrard, Taarie, TalenJei, Keerava, Lod, Hafjorg, Andurs, Danica Pure-spring, Brother Verulus, Falion, Suvaris Atheron, Rolff Stone Fist, Quintus Navale,

v1.11 (Accidentally put 1.11 instead of 0.12. Can't change the version -_-)

Added fixes for: Suvaris Atheron, Hulda, Andurs, Talen-Jei + Jeerava, Adrianne

Fixed some bad code for Kematu and Saadia (>= instead of ==).


Added fixes for: Amren + Saffir, Danica, Sven + Hilde, Fralia Greymane + Olfina Greymane


Added fixes for: Alvor + Family, Gerdur + Family, Saadia, Kematu, Carlotta Valentia + Family