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Moves predators from main roads and some dirt roads to wilderness areas.

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This mod moves predators off the roads and back into the wilderness where they belong. No predators were removed and nothing new was added. All prey and ambient creatures found on roads were left alone. Some prey in the wilderness were moved further away from predators that I moved from a road.

There are the same amount of animals in the game, out in the wilderness there is now a greater chance of running into a predator but on the other hand you should be able to go from Markarth to Windhelm and hit every other major city without encountering one if you stay on the main roads. You may find a few here and there while traveling a main road chasing a prey animal.

This is not a difficulty mod, It neither makes the game easier or harder. If you find traveling from Point A to B less interesting because of this mod then simply get off the road.

Not all dirt roads and trails were done, the 7,000 steps was not. If you find one you use allot and get tired of killing the predator Let me know via a screenshot where it is and Ill see about moving them.

Bandits and other NPC's are not changed. So you will still run into some bandits on the road.

The reason I made this is because predators try to AVOID people unless the person enters the territory the predator lives in. People tend to kill any predator they see even if they are not a hunter, and they know that. Having them sitting in the middle of a road waiting for someone to come along and kill it did not make sense to me. Goats, deer, and rabbits were not moved off the roads. Rabbits are everywhere, goats were probably escaped livestock that is not terribly afraid of humans, Deer and elk... well they are often found on or near a road so why not leave them. Also humans are not as great a threat to prey animals as predators are so roads are safer. The other reason is I use the Vilja follower mod and she gets off her horse everytime theres an encounter on the road, thus it gets annoying having to stop so she can kill the predator and get back on her horse.


Known issues:
1. The changes do not take affect right away unless you start a new game. They should all take affect if you wait inside for 30 days or more to allow all the exterior cells to reset.
2. I may have missed some. Please take a screenshot of the map showing where you are and a screenshot from in the game so I can find it.

None known.
Potential CTD conflicts would be any mod that changes predator spawn locations and the markers associated with them.
House/location mods may now have a predator living on the property. Tell me what mod it is and I will find the cell and move my edit to a new one.

NMM support:
Dont ask for it from me. I dont use it, and I do not believe in using a mod manager at all. Report any NMM issues to the people that made it not me or this mods comment section.
NMM forums:

DLC Support:
If you find it is not compatible with hearthfire or Dawnguard, Sorry I dont have either one so I cannot make it compatible. Requires Skyrim 1.8 and nothing else.

Scrrenshots: Hmm should I put a screenshot of a road without a predator on it? If you dont download because of a lack of screenshots... Sorry but you need help or better meds lol. [/sarcasm]

Install: Same as any esp file mod.

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