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A subtle ENB, focusing on Performance and compatibility with the Towns and Villages Enhanced Series of mods.

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What is Towns and Villages Enhanced - Real ENB?
TAVERL ENB, is an ENB focusing heavily on performance, and compatibility with my mods. It stays true to the lighting and atmosphere of Skyrim, providing a more subtle enhancement. The ENB has little extra effects, meaning you get the best frame rates while using it. Processes like DoF and SSAO have been turned off, to conserve performance.
Exposure and Ambient lighting have been altered to mimic that of real life, and the colour tones included in the ENB boost saturation and vibrance, making it perfect in combination with Towns and Villages Enhanced.

Recommended use with Nvidia SSAO, 2K textures and Towns and Villages Enhanced.


Thanks to Hodilton!


To install, simply drag the contents of TAVEENBRL into your Skyrim main directory.
You also need to download the d3d9.dll from
(v 0.119) and put it in the same location.

. SMAA, a type of performance based Anti aliasing. This removes distant jaggies, without any loss of performance.
.God Rays

The Mod is partially based of Wind of the Nords, by windofthenords.
A big thank you to him!