Make Inferno - Enhanced and More Realistic Fire by KennyBall
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Added: 04/11/2012 - 02:25AM
Updated: 31/10/2013 - 11:19AM

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Last updated at 11:19, 31 Oct 2013 Uploaded at 2:25, 4 Nov 2012

=* "Make Inferno" *=
No more torches? Set something on fire with any of "fire" spells you got or make a little Inferno, The flames Lights up like torches and the enemy takes great damage walking through the infernal fire. it affects and light up every fire spell in the game! Dragons, fireballs, even the flame atronachs! It also affects the Frostbite spell to last longer on the environment.

*Heads up*
Firetraps in dwemer ruins or firetraps who constant give of fire may cause some FPS-drop on some systems.

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I recommend to Use this mod with:

* Fire and Ice Overhaul by ApolloDown
(WARNING! Make Inferno with this mod may burn whole Skyrim to the ground)

* Dragon Combat Overhaul by ApolloDown

* Nehluxhes - "[WWL]Illuminated atronachs / Atronachs lumineux" You can download it here:

*** Experiment with the load order on The overhaul mods and make inferno, I load make inferno last of them for more intence fires, If you load make inferno first, you will get the overhaul mods fire. It is Awesome anyway ;)
If you mod users who want to keep the lighting of their torches the same as the lighting mod settings, Place this before your lighting overhaul mods. ***