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Add new longswords inspired by the Skyrim\'s vanilla weapons

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By Mr.Brownstone


- Dragonbone longsword can be craft at forge (should works without Dawnguard)
- New stormcloak longsword texture (now it match better with their usual outfit)
- Improvement of the glass longsword's shape
- Slightly increase most of the longswords's blade width
- Increase longswords's reach by 15%
- Imperial longsword can appears in solitude's blacksmith sale inventory
- Fix the silver longsword's description translation issue (in english version)

Two-handed version :

- Deal more damages than one-handed version, still less than greatswords.
- Slightly slower than one-handed version but faster than greatswords.

note : If you switch from one-handed version to two-handed version and vice versa, and load a savegame where your character has a longsword equip : unequip then re-equip it, or it might have some animations issues.

An optional SkyRe compatibility patch is availible for V1.1 one-handed. Thanks to Lindy for it.

An optional SkyRe compatibility patch is availible for V1.01. Thanks a lot to mane2310 who have done it.


This mod has for goal to bring new longswords to skyrim. I've never been a huge fan of the actual ingame swords which feel more like short-swords to me, so I've made my own.

I've work my best to make them look well integrated to the original weapons. So they don't look like they come from another game, movies or whole different universe.

Here are the 12 swords this mod adds :

- Iron longsword
- Steel longsword
- Orcish longsword
- Dwarven longsword
- Elven longsword
- Glass longsword
- Ebony longsword
- Deadric longsword
- Skyforge steel longsword
- Silver longsword
- Imperial longsword
- Stormcloak longsword

Swords from the 8 "main family" work like the vanilla weapons. It means that you can find them in loot from random encouters, chest and merchant. You can craft them at forge, upgrade them on grindstones and enchant them.

Skyforge longsword can be purchase from Eorlund.

Silver longsword can be find on members of the silverhand (more rare than normal silver sword).

Imperial longsword can be find on imperial soldiers (more rare than normal imperial sword).

Stormcloak longsword can be find on stormcloak soldiers (I thought that the stormcloaks should have their own weapon too). And can sometimes be purchase from Windhelm blacksmith.

They are added to level-list.

Each sword has his own scabbard.

This mod is not a replacer, you will still have the original swords.

They are well balanced so they won't break the gameplay.

I have define their stats like this :
- base damage are same than maces base damage
- attack speed and weight is between war-axes and maces
- they do less stunt than maces and war-axes
- they're more expensive than maces
- they are affected by one-handed skill or two-handed skill depending the version you use


1. Place the 'LostLongSwords.bsa' and 'LostLongSwords.esp' files in your
Skyrim/data/. folder

2. activate LostLongSwords in the data files from the Skyrim launcher menu
OR add the line 'LostLongSwords.esp' (without quotes) in your plugins file
that should be locate at C:/users/'yourname'/AppData/Local/Skyrim/.
(if you don't find your AppData folder it's probably hide)

3. Enjoy !


Erase the 'LostLongSwords.bsa' and 'LostLongSwords.esp' files in your
Skyrim/data/. Folder

Feel free to endorse, comment, and report any bug.

Hope you'll have fun with it !

Here's some videos review of my mod done by people of the nexus :