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  • EEO and custom NPCs - how it works

    Want to make your own follower using EEO's faces, or make your NPC altering mod compatible with EEO assets? Here's how. This guide assumes a basic understanding of Creation Kit operation and NPC creation. For a starter guide on making your own followers, check here.

    You'll need:
    Nvidia DDS plugins
    Wrye Smash or Tes5Edit (if you want to make your mod dependent on the EEO esp)
    Creation Kit

    First of all, an important part you really need to understand in this process: The Creation Kit and Skyrim itself glitch out when trying to compress custom-filepathed tint mask data into an NPC tint map. It produces broken, artifacted maps that need to be circumvented with a specific workaround, as nearly all of EEO's texture ...

  • Facial Proportions - A primer to making the most out of your elves

    There's a number of these guides floating around, but the more I get asked about how I got my elves looking so naturally attractive, the more I feel this is necessary to get here. I always took this stuff as being totally obvious as I'm an artist by trade, but I figure it's worth sharing!

    Human (and demi-human) women's beauty isn't about how much makeup you can cake on or how sleek her hair is or how powdered and pristine her skin looks. Those certainly contribute to it if observed through a specific beauty standard, but by far the most important is accurate, realistic facial proportions.

    I'm going to show you exactly how it's done. It's not rocket science - it's observation and proper thinking, mindfulness of the ratios bet...