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  1. nuska
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    Hey guys, I'm retired from releasing and maintaining mods, I don't respond to PMs or comments. Please don't repackage and upload my mods elsewhere, thanks! Derivative works and new stuff based on my old stuff is all fine. This is old and ugly.

    -Check out CharGen Extension for a powerful EEO-compatible SKSE based face slider addon. I contributed the morph assets and it works for all nonbeast races!

    -Thordir made patches for Dawnguard and Dragonborn available here. Note that the patch set is not under my control and any questions should go to the author.

    -I have a blanket free use policy on my mod assets. If I made it, feel free to use it for whatever, you don't need to ask permission. Crediting is nice but not mandatory.

    -I'm not updating any of my mods any longer.

    -Feel free to make patches or modifications to this mod if you want to.
  2. Dcybel
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    the eyes lash show wrong plz help?
    Nvm i found my issue.
    1. SAAJD2K
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      how fixed it i also have same issue.
  3. Foxwatcher
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    Hey, Nuska! I just want to thank you for this work. If I get it right, you also made Character Overhaul for Oblivion - this one is my favourite, and I was glad to know you released something for Skyrim too. Actually I don't like replacers and things like that, you know, but OCC was pure masterpiece of art, but still fit the lore and doesn't look ridiculous. It's wonderful. Unfortunately EEO doesn't contain other races (oh, rly?), and I feel little sad about it, but anyway it's still hot. It's better than nothing, I guess. Thanks again, and stay safe.

    Upd.: I know your profile is closed. Anyway. This is my only chance, so just let it rest here.
  4. Grundvigs69
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    Be nice if you ported this over to SSE.
    You have a SSE patch that requires Ethereal Elven Overhaul but it is for skyrim only and not for SSE.
  5. Darklocq
    • supporter
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    The look of this inspired me to create a female BodySlide set (UUNP) to go along with it: Ethereal Elven Waif. It's aimed at mage and thief types. Two earlier BodySlides this is partially based on (Tamasayo and Culichi Buchona) might be better for warrior types, since they're more muscular (one much more so, though that has a lot to do with normal maps, not the body mesh) All three have similar unusual proportions; the other two are linked in the lead matter at the top of my mod's page.
  6. SamTheEvil
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    Can I use it without the textures without breaking my game? I kind of have my personnal textures
  7. CookedSpaghetti
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    So this is whath appens to me when I download this mod, anyone know the issue?
  8. thomaslloyd24
    • member
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    When ever I download this mod it just doesnt show up in my data folders or game, anyone know why?

    I extract the download and then put the data folder in my skyrim/data folder and it does that completely fine.
  9. Nishava
    • member
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    I have this weird shadow-like line between the mouth and chin even though the chin isn't rolled up like that. Saw a mention with normal map and edit it through TES5edit and they managed to solve it somehow. I can't figure out what to delete and I've tried many times on different things but it's still there. 

    EDIT: I figured out that I had an another appearance mod that was overwriting my edits with EEO so I edited that mod too with TES5Edit and now it worked!
  10. EthienVonStahl
    • member
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    When I'm trying to create a new elven character, the eyes are really large and come out of the eye sockets, I tried fixing this by tweaking the eye size/postition but it always end up looking weird and the eyebrows glitch out, has anyone encountered a similar issue?
  11. coppolino1
    • member
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    Hi guys I've a little problem yesterday I've installed EEO mod and started a new game. Played smoothly until completing first mission, then I shut down PC. Today when I start the game from SKSE loader, after bethesda logo the game shut down itself without no error board. I run TES5Edit to ascertain any incompatibility and it says that it can't load ethereal_elven_overhaul.esm file. It sounds really strange, cause the mod itself in the folder doesn't contain this file. Could u help me please I don't want to erase this mod cause I'm using an elf preset and it's my first elf run.

    PS EEO mod has been installed via NMM and I've downloaded the compatibility patcher for dragonborn, dawnguard, and immmersive patrols.
    1. Browzy
      • member
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      "I run TES5Edit to ascertain any incompatibility and it says that it can't load ethereal_elven_overhaul.esm file" that alone tells me, that you have a mod that for some reason requires ESM version of this mod, not ESP version

      CTD after logo is always caused by missing master files. Check all your mods relying on EEO and contact the author of the problem plugin because for some reason, their patch/mod requires esm instead of esp

      possibly one mod you use that patches EEO with other things got updated for you and that caused the issue