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Play a trick on Namira! Complete Namira's quest "The Taste of Death" without sacrificing a priest to Cannibals.

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This mod allows you to complete Namira's quest "The Taste of Death" without sacrificing a priest to Cannibals. When you're given the option to intimidate, bribe, or persuade Brother Verulus (the priest), you are now able to warn him. This starts of a quest to make a look-alike that is no more than a magical scarecrow! After creating the scarecrow, complete the quest like normal. Afterwards, return to the priest to trade in the Ring of Namira for a new, unique spell reward.

Play a trick on Namira
A new short quest to create a fake Brother Verulus
-fully scripted and unique
-integrated into A Taste of Death
6 new, voiced lines
A new unique master spell reward
-Thrall Pet

I was inspired to create this mod after releasing my "Boethiah for Good Guys" mod. PizzaMonster mentioned that it'd be great if you could finish the Cannibal quest by eating birthday cake instead of poor Verulus. Then, the other day I noticed that this is the last Daedric Artifact I need to unlock the Steam achievement, as well as the only Daedra quest I haven't finished yet. Two days of production, two days of testing, and a day for finishing later, I give you this mod. Enjoy!

Drop the esp and bsa files into the 'Data' folder in your Skyrim folder.
In order to get lip files to work, I needed to keep them unpacked from the bsa file. So there is also a sound folder that you need to drop into the data folder as well.
Don't forget to check on the esp: AK- Namira for Good Guys.esp

For an Italian translation, see this mod by Siegfriedm.

This mod changes the DA11 quest (the one this mod's about) and some related scripts, so obviously it's going to be incompatible with other mods that change that quest.

This mod's quest script was auto named "tif_01000d65" by the CK. For whatever reason, the CK also auto named Archmage Tolfdir's quest script the same thing, rendering the two mods incompatible. Weird. (If you want to use both, just use one at a time to complete both quests. That should work).
Thanks for pointing this out, Algeab.

I can't give you a quest marker to return to Verulus at the end of the quest. Hopefully you know where he is by then. ;)

I am currently not posting any mods on Steam Workshop. If you see one of my mods on Steam Workshop, please report the file to me.
Thank :D

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Thank you!