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So long as you credit me in your mod and don't make money off of it, everyone is free to use any of my mod assets for their mods. Anyone can also translate my mods to any language. (Note, Painting in Skyrim and Trading Cards in Skyrim you still need the other authors' permission). Please only post on the Nexus unless your country doesn't have access / predominantly uses another site. (DO NOT put my mods on Steam!) If you use or translates my mods, send me a link to your project!

Happy Modding!



A Friend of Time || Alternate Actors || Achievements Unlocked: Legendary Edition || Better Underwear || Boethiah for Good Guys || Buyable Paintings and Pictures || Daedric Blue Weapons || Daedric Light Armor || Clothe Dead NPCs || Elder Scrolls Music || Iceburg's Spiderman Suit || Legend of Zelda Hover Boots || Mines and Mills: Buy Ingots and Firewood || Multiple Nightingale Armors || Namira for Good Guys || Painting in Skyrim || Placeable Statics - Move Anything || Royal Nordic || Skyrim Modesty Mod || Trading Cards in Skyrim || The Black Star Renamed Azura's Black Star || And more!

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