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Formerly known as the "Dwarven Dwemer Power Armor". This Mod adds the Aetherial Armor and Weapons to Skyrim, and Blank versions that are just called Aetherium. REQUIRES DAWNGUARD!

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Aetherium Armor and Weapons Compilation - REQUIRES DAWNGUARD

UPDATE 24th of January 2013

I have made a few major changes, for one, there are no longer "aetherial weapons", these are now power -weapons. Second, the Power Armor enchantments have been changed so that each armor piece has a unique enchantments that is not found on any other item (as far as I know). Third, aetherium material type counts now as a bonus against daedra and sceptral beings and dwemer machines.

The New special enchantmesnts are:

Armor: Provides a Cloaking Device -Power ability that let's you turn invisible, move silently and improves sneak, once per day for 180 sec. like a standard power.

Gauntlets: All weapon attack speed is increased by 20%

Helmet: Allows you to trigger Night Vision for 60 sec. unlimited number of times per day.

Boots: Movement Speed is increased by 20%.

Formerly known as the "Dwarven Dwemer Power Armor". This Mod adds the Aetherial Armor and Weapons to Skyrim, and Blank versions that are just called Aetherium. I have replaced the "Dwarven Dwemer Power Armor" with this one, you can still however download the old version of that in the files section.

Aetherium Armor & Weapons adds the main things as fallows: "Aetherium Ore" chunks, that can be found in dwemer storehouses or storehouse like areas. You can aslo find them in blackreach, inside a few buildings and at Raldbthar deep market. Also, the new version will include more of the ore.

Aetherium weapons and armor armor. Thes are versions that are not enchanted. The Aetherial Weapons are pre-enchanted and can not be enchanted or broken through disenchanting. Also, if you have completed the quest; "Unfathomable Depths", you will gain access to the Dwarven Power Armor recipes and the Aetherial Bolt Launcher.

You will have to do the crafting of all aetherial items in the aetherial forge that you will find in one of the Dawnguard's side quests, which can be started by reading the book called "Aetherium Wars". Also, the forge is the only place where you can smelt down the aetherium ore into ingots.

DO NOT USE The Dwarven Power Armor mod *WITH* this one, use only the AetheriumSwordsnArmor.esp and the included files. The Dwarven power armor is old version that was made for games that did not use Dawnguard DLC. I will propably not update the DwarvenPowerArmor -mod anymore, only the Aetherial Armor And Weapons mod for now on.



Skyrim stores a lot of reference data in the save files, thus preventing mod based content to upgrade properly, unless the mod is disabled and re-enabled. Do the fallowing process: Save a seperate file, count the items and stuff you have in your possession, armor, weapons, aetherium ingots/ores etc. and write them down. Next, open your skyrim launcher and disable the "AetheriumSwordsnArmor.esp", launch the game, open the save (it will give you an error that you can just ignore), and then save again. Exit game, open the launcher and enable the "AetheriumSwordsnArmor.esp". Now load your save and open up the console.

Look at your notes (I hope you wrote them down) and see what gear you had. Then if you for instance had aetherium ingots, type in:

help "aetherium ingot"

This line gives you the ID and names of any item that has the phrace "aetherium ingot" in their name. Now take down the IDnumber and write it into the fallowing line:

player.additem IDNUMBER 1

The number 1 in the command means the number of ingots you want to add to yourself, so if you had 7 ingots, replace the number 1 at the end with number 7.

After you are done, save and exit, do not continue playing if you want to keep getting achievements. And after you relaunch the game and the save, you are good to go and gain more achievements, if you like those.


UPDATED 21st of January 2013

Added Female variations of the armos pieces.

UPDATED 19th of January 2013

Aetherial Armor & Weapons Compilation has been updated! Now includes a full arsenal of aetherial weapons, and blank silver ones. Also, the Aetherium Blank armor is now silver toned as well, the Dwemer Power Armor is still of the traditional color. The power armor also still requires for you to complete the "Unfathomable Depths" -quest to be able to build them.

The new version also includes Aetherial Bolt Launchers. These crossbow based weapons convert your dwarven bolts into bolts of energy when fired. The construction of the Aetherial Rifles also require the "Unfathomable Depths" -quest to be completed for these are the greatest of dwemer secrets.

Thank you to all you people who have supported this mod and provided with both feedback, endorsments and even reviews! It is very encouraging to make more and improve the content with all the positive and creative feedback!

Thank you!

If you like shiny stuff in general, check out my Treasure Crafting mod as well! :D

I am open to suggestions about how to improve this mod, and let me know about bugs and such.

Thanks! :)

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