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A new highly detailed village with shops, NPCs and a luxurious player house with a display basement. Located just north of Heartwood Mill west of Riften. Follower friendly, check out the screen shots if you need a reason to download this.

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Adds a very detailed village and player house north of Heartwood Mill west of Riften. Yes you heard right a village and player house in the Rift. Riverwood and Lake Illitha are getting crowded these days.

As always, endorse files that you like. This helps other members of the Nexus find them. Feel free to post in the comment section for suggestions and bug reports. They often make it into updates.

Update 2/25/2013

Some fixes and additions to the Amberhalls as well as a quick and dirty clean up of some navmeshes around the village.
I will do a proper one when I have time to stare at red triangles for hours upon hours. Next update will have more clean up and covert a lot of havoc meshes items to static meshes to improve load times and cut down on save game bloat. I had no idea cups and stuff were sucking up resources. That is not covered in the tutorials on the CK site.

Floating Grass Fix
To fix the floating grass bug click this and follow the instructions. By the way this will fix the floating grass bug for ALL mods not just mine.

Village features a medium sized player house which used to be a meadery. A blacksmith, general goods store, magic goods store, farm, barracks, a decent sized garden, a wheat field, livestock pens, stables, tons of idle markers, patrolling and idle NPCs. Dragon friendly roofs. A large edited landscape fully nav meshed and error free blended right into vanilla aspects.

The Amberhalls
Player house features- Labeled storage, shines of the nine, 6 weapon racks, 3 mannequins, kitchen/bar/dinning room, cooking station, alchemy enchanting lab, alchemy station, enchanting station, mushroom garden. War room, Master bed room, followers bed room (4 beds), Bathroom, shower/sauna.

The Amberhalls Basement
Display room/forge features- 8 mannequins, 11 Weapon Plaques, 8 weapon racks, 2 weapon shield plaques, 6 dagger cases, 8 weapon cases. Forge, grindstone, armorer bench, tanning rack, smelter, boiler for sauna. Labeled crafting storage.

Heartwood Mystic Emporium
Magic Goods store features- scrolls, ingredients, potions, soulgems, tomes, staves, robes, rings, amulets and alchemy training.

Heartwood General Goods.
General goods features- food, alcohol, skins, pelts, and misc items.

Heartwood Smithy
Armory features- Weapons, armors, crafting supplies.

Farmhouse- A family to work the wheat fields.

Heartwood Bunkhouse
Barracks- A group of former guards that keep watch over the village.

Stables - Still in the works.
Custom Dialog - ha ... ha... ha ... takes a while I will get to it. CK is horrible for this.
Faction quests - still in the works.
Followers - Can make if people are interested.
Crime Faction - currently disabled

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Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix by SLuckyD

Don't forget about Helms Haven if you do not feel the need have a new village with your housing mods.

Currently I have this set as beta as I do not feel it is finished yet. I am uploading to get some feed back and bug testing. I have found NO bugs so far. Which is a far cry from my last player house which magically created bugs on it own every time Skyrim had an update.

Permissions. NO permissions are granted . This mod may NOT be uploaded to other sites. I may consider uploading to Steamworks in the future. As of now, Nexus only.

Credits pfff did it all myself.
COC 1hwAmberhall the cheaters know what with is all about.