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Village features a medium sized player house which used to be a meadery. A blacksmith, general goods store, magic goods store, farm, barracks, a decent sized garden, a wheat field, livestock pens, stables, tons of idle markers, patrolling and idle NPCs. Dragon freindly roofs. A large edited landscape fully nav meshed and error free blended right into vanilla aspects.

The Amberhalls
Player house features- Labled storage, shines of the nine, 6 weapon racks, 4 mannequins, kitchen/bar/dinning room, cooking station, alchemy enchanting lab, alchemy station, enchanting station, mushroom garden. War room, Master bed room, followers bed room (4 beds), Bathroom, shower/sauna.

The Amberhalls Basement
Display room/forge features- 8 mannequins, 11 Weapon Plaques, 8 weapon racks, 2 weapon shield plaques, 6 dagger cases, 8 weapon cases. Forge, grindstone, armorer bench, tanning rack, smelter, boiler for sauna. Labled crafting storage.

Heartwood Mystic Emporium
Magic Goods store features- scrolls, ingredients, potions, soulgems, tomes, staves, robes, rings, amulets and alchemy training.

Heartwood General Goods.
General goods features- food, alchol skins, pelts, and misc items.

Heartwood Smithy
Armory features- Weapons, armors, crafting supplies.

Farmhouse- A family to work the wheat fields.

Heartwood Bunkhouse
Barracks- A group of former guards that keep watch over the village.

Stables - Still in the works.
Custom Dialog - ha ... ha... ha ... takes a while I will get to it. CK is horrible for this.
Faction quests - still in the works.
Followers - Can make if people are interested.
Crime Faction - currently disabled

Currently I have this set as beta as I do not feel it finished yet. I am uploading to get some feed back and bug testing. I have found NO bugs so far. Which is a far cry from my last player house which magically created bugs on it own every time Skyrim had an update.

If you feel the need to contribute please do so with serious comments in the comment section. I do not need to read 2 dozen "Hey can you like move this chair about 3 inches to the left it would tooootally make this room look so much better for me."
Or "Hey can you put in like 20 more beds and mannequins so I get my entire hareem of followers in here, this would make me endorse your mod." My response to these would probaly violate the Nexus user agreement.