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A Total Makeover for the town of Riverwood, concentrating on beautifying the local area with foilage, trees and shrubbery. The town now has gates, creeks rivers a fishing area, a horse stable (need more work on this) and various other hidden gems. Now with extended farm, windmill, extended lumberjack location, fishermans wharf any many more a

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*Version 1.5 is now live

The town in vanillia is mainly sparse with no direction on Lore, now my modifications via Creation Kit has brought this area to life! we now have more foliage, a foresty area, with a surrounding perimeter wall, gates on either end of Riverwood, water features like creaks, basins and rivers, to make it more diverse and lived in by its populace.

Furthermore i have catered for a mod called the Hunters Cabin of Riverwood by Okiir, which can be found on the nexus website
here =

or alternatively the file requirement page which can be found here

if your like me and enjoy extra emmersion within skyrim then i suggest two great addons one by Stevo_the_gamer called Hunters Treehouse which is situated between riverwood and whiterun, this can be found

here =

more carriges can be found here =

and the other great immersion addition to riverwood is Chimneys for Riverwood by Ithlia this can be found here =

and Improved Roads and Bridges by StickusBugus which can be found here =

Please comment rate and most importantly enjoy!

(p.s Lanterns of skyrim is no longer needed to use this mod (as i will be developing all areas on each town independently on each area myself, starting with static visuals then lighting then npc's, for the RP factor) then finally additional cells (ie areas) that will benefit certain regions of skyrim and quests)