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Remodels and revamps Riverwood.

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Hi!, welcome to Riverwood Reborn!

This mod attempts to add alot more detail into the village by added over 3x the ammount of static objects while still keeping good performance around.

Key features include:

.Completely redone River passing through the village
.Complete revamp of roads for a more natural feeling when traversing them.
.Bridges redone along with navmeshes for a more smooth walk in npc's
.Tons of flora and lighting added to add some more realism and alive feel to the whole area, including light contrasting outside the houses.
.Blacksmith turned into the main feature of the village with a unique object ontop as a symbol to what area you are in.

-Update 1.1
+Added more flora to vanilla zones
+Adjusted navmesh more so npcs dont get trapped in rocks
=Reduced flora in some area to make it feel more open
+Added smelter
+Added Volumetric fog and light to the whole village. Note: uses 2-4 frames per second.

-Update 2.0
+added more fog and lighting
+revamped back area of village
+Revamped Blacksmithy more
+transformed some house to look unique
+navmesh improvements
+Added chimneys

-Update GOLD
=Fixed performance
=Remove unwanted effects due to comments
=Adjusted light sources for a less vibrant look.

All feedback and comments are welcome, i will be supporting this mod for 2 weeks after release, so say as much as you can.