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Picturesque and somewhat lore-friendly player home near Whiterun with all the basic amenities an adventurer might want, without being overwhelming. Features include all crafting tools, a bed with well rested perk, lots of safe containers, a sauna with a lore-friendly hot tub and a shower, a garden, outside terrace, auto item sorters...

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All my three mods are now available for Skyrim Special Edition:
= [ Riverside Lodge, Mammoth Manor, Breezehome ] =

A picturesque and fully equipped player home near Whiterun. This lodge should be fitting setting for a prosperous adventurer - like the player, serving as a comfortable reststop between adventures. I've tried to keep the layout easy enough and the amount of clutter and containers sensible and tried to fit the house seamlessly into the world, not looking out of place. The main building includes the kitchen/living room on top floor and a basement with the weapon/armor/equipment storage and an adjacent underground crafting room. The roomy sidewing includes the sleeping quarters, library and enchanting/alchemy space. There's also a true nordic sauna cabin (complete with a hot tub) and a garden. Automatic item sorter scripts makes storing ingredients and other items into containers easy as a child's play. They can also be turned on and off individually, if you do not want to use them.

Location & Key to the house:
By the road between Riverwood and Whiterun. You really can't miss it. It's where the road loops near the waterfalls. The key can be found from the chest outside the house.

Activator for the different housing configurations is found just over the key chest (look for a book). It's outside on the top floor, left from the kitchen entrance.

Recommended mods for Hearthfire version:
- Hearthfire multiple adoptions - Let's you set the Lodge as the home of your spouse and children. Also works great just for the spouse (assigns her/him to the main bed) even if you don't want to adopt any children.
- Custom Family Home - Alternative to Hearthfire multiple adoptions (above). Has been reported to work real great. Allows you to assign also the wife, kids, bard and the housecarl to custom houses.

Other recommended mods:
- My Home Is Your Home - This works great for the followers (other than spouse), so that they can live in your house and you can assign them areas where you want them to sleep and work. Works great with the spouse/kid-related mods.

=== KNOWN ISSUES & FAQ ==============================
- If you have any problems, first thing you might want to try is to move this mod as last in the load order (bottom of the list). The scripts are mostly unique to this mod, not overwriting anything. And for most people they work flawlessly.
- The problems with racks is usually mutual to all racks in Skyrim. Some weapons have such a bad bounding/activator boxes that they work like shit with racks. I use the racks only for swords and staffs, which seem to work just fine.
- Mods that has been built on the same spot or is located too close can conflict. There are now so many mods around that are built in this (very popular) area that I'm not going to list them all.

- Manilla Turtle for his "Automatic Item Storage" that I've modified for my own purposes.
- M3rvin for his "Automatic Light Switch" script that is used to switch on/off the torches outside.
- Special thanks and credits for Eldiabs, for making the awesome "Modders Resource-Weapon Racks-Bookshelves-Plaques-Mannequins" mod.
- Stroti for making such a lovely "outdoor toilet".