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This will add a spell Night eye into the game, as well as a potion Khajit Tiers. The night eye effect has been tweaked to be used with ENB 0.102 and above + mods that make Skyrim darker.

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Author DarkAngel13
I couldn't see inside a cave on two meters even with a candlelight and torch together :D
Even the night eye it self wasn't strong enough and I was stumbling over traps.

I wanted a night eye so that I will be able to fully see everything but didn't wan't to completely loose the night eye effect of the sides, so I made it really weak and just on the sides as well as little more brighter :)
This mod will change how the the original night eye effect looks.

This mod also introduces a night eye spell into Skyrim, there is a lot of other mods that do this, but this one was tweaked to be used with ENB with combination with mods that makes Skyrim and dungeons a LOT darker.

This mod DOESN'T EDIT ANY LEVELED LISTS OTHER THEN SKOOMA75 You will be able to purchase the Khajit Tiers (night eye potion) from any vendor selling Skooma. This mod WILL NOT fight with any merchant mod.
For the spell you will have to use the console

help night 4
Scroll up till you find a book id for Spell Tome: Night Eye
player.additem xx000D63 1
the xx stands for the load order of the esp.
I have done it this way so if you have any mods that add spell to a merchant it will not fight with it. Once a WIS unique merchants will be done I will add these items to their merchant Inventory so it doesn't fight with anything.

Recommended Mods:
Project Reality - Climates Of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting by JJC71
Dark Dungeons for ENB by mindflux

Project reality is an amazing mod. It won't feel like it in the beginning but once you will use it for a while and then come back to anything else you'll understand what I mean. This is a absolute MUST HAVE.

Much Love D13
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