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FAQ 1: Why's your name FalmerBane? It was the name of the first sword I ever crafted in Skyrim, after encountering the Falmer


FAQ 2: Do you you do requests? I do actually but as of 2013-05-11 I'm not going to do anymore for a bit to get caught up on my rather lengthy request list. 


I Just wanted to post a message of thanks here in my About Me section. I am still in disbelief that three of my mods made to Hot Files in less than 7 days and two at one time! You guys are great and again I appreciate the many Endorsements and many compliments on my work!!!


I started modding after I joined the Nexus and had several positive comments on my older Player Characters. I then found the NPC Editor after attempting to use the CK. I am now in the throws of learning how to use the CK but still find the NPC Editor invaluable when it comes to making a nice looking character. I have over 50 mods here on the Nexus and am trying hard to update several of my older mods currently. I am pressed for time more ever it seems but I still enjoy making companions and I will still do requests as my time (or lack there of) permits. Please bear with me and my rather sloooow progress on working on current mod projects and thank you for the endorsements, kudo's, compliments and support!





For those that do translations on mods here at the Nexus I regret that I will no longer allow any current or future works of mine to be translated and uploaded on other sites.
The reason for this is that an unscrupulous translator had stolen several mods from Skyrim Nexus and uploaded them to the Steam Workshop as his own work. He has also stolen one of my mods and uploaded it to the Steam Workshop but I had never given him authorization to do.


Update: My sons mod was removed from Steam thanks to the pressure of all the folks here on the Nexus! WHAT AN AWESOME COMMUNITY!!! :smile: