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Mage gear for magic users ! Heavy, light and clothes types.

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Name: Tribunal Robes and Masks by Zairaam and Natterforme
 Version: 3.0
 Date: 8/30/2014
 Category: Armor
 Recommended: Skyrim Mod Manager
 Author(s): Natterforme and Zairaam
 Mage gear for magic users! Heavy, light and clothes types.
 All pieces of the set can be crafted at the crafting forge and can be tempered at the proper upgrading areas. The armor is stand alone and will not replace any vanilla armors. The armor and maskes can also be found in the leveled lists at level 35.
This mod was originally created by Zairaam, who goes by DoctorPepper here on the Nexus. I, Natterforme, originally helped behind the scenes getting the meshes and textures to work ingame and in the CK. After that I stuck around and helped where I was needed. 

Here is the current situation. Zairaam has taken his leave from modding in light of the fact that his mod was being sold on Second Life for cash and people were stealing this mod and claiming it as their own. He has decided to leave the modding scene at this time but I have left the lines of communication open and if he wishes to return for whatever reason then I will transfer control of the mod back over to him. With the help of the Moderator, TheVampireDante, I now have administrative access to this page so that I can update and manage this page as needed. I would like to focus on the mod and not the issue of Second Life or Zairaam's leave of abscense. It is not constructive to the modding community and our energies are better served in other areas.

This mod adds a new armor set intended for mages. It comes in 5 colors in Unarmored, Light Armor, and Heavy armor varients, all with different looks and with different stats. All pieces require Ebony ingots to craft. The light armor version requires Glass Smithing to craft. The Heavy armor version requires Ebony Smithing to craft. The unarmored version does not need a smithing perk but I have required that it needs the Ebony ingots so that you dont get the armor too early in the game. The pieces can be found under the Misc section.

There is also a set of masks available via a separate download file. It adds a mask in 4 colors, bronze, gold, silver, and ebony. They should all be the same stats and the mask is unique for each of the races. Please note that humans can not wear the beast masks or vise versa. They are unique to each race and will only show up for the specific race. The maskes use the 44 slot. This is so that they can be used in addition to circlets.

There are several mods that add to this mod. There are a couple of mods that add new colors, add various body support, and a mod that tweaks the crafting lists of the pieces to be different from my preferences. There are also a couple of mods that make the masks available to all races at once and several mods that add patches to specific mods such as SkyRE and some replacers. Feel free to look at these for yourself^^.

A note to Immersive Armors users: Version 2.0 has been incorporated into IA verion 7.0. You can use both mods alongside one another, but you will want to untick the Tribunal armor from the IA section on the MCM screen.

A note to bugfix users: Version 3.0 of this mod incorporates the majority of bugs fixed with this patch here: . It should no longer be necessary to use this patch.
A note to SKYRE users: I dont know how SKYRE works, as I havent used it. I do not intend to make changes to make this mod compatible with SKYRE.

Either throw the folders into your Data directory or use the Nexus Mod Manager to do it for you. The masks are a separate file and will need to be downloaded separately. The hood with Zairaam's personal hairstyle simply needs to be unzipped into the Data folder but you WILL need Apachii's SkyHair in order for it to work.
Either use Nexus Mod Manager to remove the files or manually remove them from you Skyrim/Data folder. 
I will not take responsibility for corrupted save games or lost save games. Get into the habit of backing up your saves to protect your game data. Ignore at your own risk!
 This mod should not be incompatible with any other mods since it adds standalone equipment.
Known Issues or Bugs
 This mod may or may not download completely. If this happens just redownload. This is more of a server side issue than anything else. 
 8/30/2014 - Version 3.0
 -Fixed Tribunal Robes Black Light Boots to use materials when crafting.
 -Removed the double leather strips requirement for Nonarmor Boots.
 -Switched the crafting requirement of Nonarmor pieces for Tundra Cotton to Linen Wraps. Rebalanced number needed to craft Nonarmor pieces.
 -Halved the value of Nonarmor pieces.
 -Light Armor pieces are now worth 75% of their original value. This is to put them in the middle of Non armor and Heavy Armor pieces.
 -Light Armor pieces have been given the proper keywords Vendoritemarmor and Armormaterialglass.
 -Heavy Armor pieces have been given the proper keywords Vendoritemarmor and Armormaterialebony.
 -Rebalanced crafting requirements for Nonarmor pieces to make more sense (to me). All Nonarmor pieces now require ebony ingots to craft to keep you from getting them too early in the game.
 -Nonarmor pieces now require Linen Wraps to upgrade. This was changed from unenchanted college robes, which are actually very rare.
 -Rebalanced and simplified crafting recipes for Light Armor pieces to make more sense (to me). They now require the Nonarmor piece of equipment in the corresponding colour plus malachite.
 -Rebalanced and simplified crafting recipes for Heavy Armor pieces to make more sense (to me). They now require the Nonarmor piece of equipment in the corresponding colour plus ebony.
 -Changed Nonarmor pieces to Unarmored ingame. This DOES NOT change their form ids.
 -Changed Nonarmor Cuirasses to Robes ingame. This DOES NOT change their form ids.
 -Changed LIGHT armor pieces to Light ingame. This DOES NOT change their form ids.
 -Changed HEAVY armor pieces to Heavy ingame. This DOES NOT change their form ids.
 -Changed the Tribunal Maskes to use the 44 slot instead of the 42 slot. This means they can now be worn with circlets.
 -Robes should now be added to the leveled lists. You should start to find the different colors around level 35.
 -Maskes should now be added to the leveled lists. You should start to find the different colors around level 35.
 4/4/2013- Version 2.0
 -Mod will now be maintained by me, Natterforme!^^
 -Updated the mod page to be more inline with my tastes and to reflect transfer in leadership.
 -Added Zairaam's personal hood+hairstyle as a separate download. Apachiis Skyhair is required for it to work properly.
 You can find me on the Nexus Forums here as Natterforme.
 Thanks to Zairaam for making this mod and for allowing me to maintain it in his absense^^.
 Thanks to all of you who are using the materials in this mod for making new content! 
 Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
 Thanks to for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
 Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
 Thanks to all of you who have encouraged me and have supported me since I first put up screenshots of my work back in December 2011 and January 2012.
 I thank you all for your patience with me^^.
 Thanks to God for creating us all. Amen.
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7-Zip -
Blender -
NIFSkope -
Oblivion Mod Manager -
Paint.NET -
Photoshop -
Readme Generator -
 This is a Skyrim Nexus Exclusive.
 USER PERMISSIONS (will remain unchanged)
- Translation mods are authorized as long as you keep the file intact.
- Retextures mods are fine but I won't upload it with this file.
- Custom body mods are ok, but don't expect me to do it.
- You may use the tribunal gear in your mod as long as your keep its design and spirit intact.
- If you want to upload the pack in another website, please ask me first
 I will NOT be providing Steam Workshop support at this time. Neither I nor Zairaam wish to see this mod on the Steam Workshop for the foreseeable future.
 I do not feel comfortable with their legal policies towards modding so I will not use it. I will not support or endorse its use at this time. If I want it to be on Steam, I will do so myself. If you see this on Steam, LET ME KNOW! I will not support any version of this mod found on Steam. I will not accept any childish excuse about "sharing" with the community. If you refuse to respect my wishes, I can not, in good faith, respect yours.
Thank you guys for featuring my work ! :)

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