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  • RCRN Anniversary Edition goes final, available now!

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    So... Just over 2 months ago, RCRN AE Beta 2.1 went live. The significance of this update was the enthusiastic introduction the all new Customizer. That was however, just one of many highlights. You can read full release details and changelog here.

    Since then, aided by the great help of the community, we've continued beta testing and bug fixing. And now, several updates later, we are confident and proud to move RCRN Anniversary Edition out of Beta with the 2.1.4 release.

    Just to be clear, this does not mark the end of RCRN development by any means, but it is a giant step forward, bringing us ever closer to our ultimate vision for RCRN. On that note, please take a moment to review the co...

  • Happy Birthday RCRN! Thanks everyone!

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    It's a day of celebration! The first year of RCRN development has already come to pass!

    To be completely honest, its very difficult for me to write this article because of the sentimental implications involved, but I am very proud to be able to write it! Throughout the course of these last 6 months, a good many famous mods died, or at the very least, ceased in support and development. But not us, not RCRN - it is still going, healthy as it were day one and solid as a rock!

    It's rather quite interesting how our work evolved during the months. The manner in which our little indie team improved its talents and skill day by day, and the way we managed to gradually bring o...

  • RCRN Landscapes! Amazing Screenshots inside!

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    Today we took a little break from coding at the office, kept the Creation Kit closed and decided to check out how far the Skyrim engine could be pushed until either our test rig blew up or Skyrim started its infinite series of crashes to desktop.

    We removed the dust from our .ini tweaks, pushed the settings of our GTX580 to their limit, via the driver panel and we added a few selective mods in order to enhance some aspects of the game, that are not covered by RCRN... and... here are our results!

    Click on the preview images to view them in full resolution!


  • RCRN 3.6: released!

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    After the typical series of RCRN delays and tentative releases, the once planned 3.51 Hotfix evolved to update version 3.6 is finally LIVE!

    Highlighted by Nvidia Optimus compatibility, 3.6 covers some minor tweaks and fixes, as outlined in Changelog, but also notably includes the addressing of Dynamic Interiors fading/adaptation issue some users were plagued by.
    We're additionally pleased with the improvement changes made to snowstorms, and directional wind corrections occurring in both rain and snow storms. Be sure to dress appropriately! :P

    RCRN v3.6 is now available for Standard installs via autoinstaller as well as manual on the Nexus and as with all RCRN downloads on...

  • RCRN 3.5: What’s new?

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    Due to the webhost related issues we had during the past few days, I'll be brief because i don't want to postpone your gameplay much further. With that being said, I'll mainly focus on revealing the more exciting features being introduced by our newest version!

    Dynamic interiors 3.5 with sounds: Previously in the RCRN 3, we introduced Dynamic Interiors as a concept idea. Something we feel is amazing but still a bit "rough around the edges". In 3.5 we fully developed this idea into something that we're confident is absolutely stunning!
    We not only solved the heavy "adaptation" issue which occured after exiting a DI, but we also added a full DI management in order to correct t...

  • RCRN v3.5 release date announced and future plans exposed!

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    The climbing is over! After an intense “summer of coding” we are happy to finally announce that the upcoming RCRN version 3.5 will be released next week on October 18th!

    (If you want to know more about the features added in v3.5, please check the website during the next few days. We will post the full changelog as soon as its complete!)

    But this is not all! This summer we also laid the ground work for a series of releases that are planned over the next 3 months!

    During the first part of November we will open the new beta phase, called “RCRN for Optimus” that will feature not only a fully functional solution to make your Optimus laptop compatible with...

  • A surprise from RCRN... a v3.5 BETA!

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    Greetings dovakhiins,
    For starters, we wish to extend our gratitude to each and every one of you for your continued support as RCRN endorsements surpassed 2000! That’s awesome!!

    While 3.5 is progressively reaching its completion, we are still ironing out a few kinks. Since the final polishes and real life obligations prevent us from making an immediate release, we decided it appropriate to the 2K celebration, to involve you, the supporters, to take part in completing 3.5. We would like to give the RCRN faithful an opportunity to help us by sharing your much valued feedback prior to the final release.
    With this being said, we are releasing to you a portion of 3.5, available as be...

  • Brace yourselves, RCRN 3.5 is coming!

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    After about 3 months of hard work we are finally approaching the end.
    Within the next few weeks, RCRN 3.5 will be released with all it’s gloriness!

    Developement of version 3.0 had a high percentage of work mostly focused on the mod’s coding. During that period we revised the HDR, imagespaces, weathers management, and also added the fancy Dynamic Interiors.
    The drawback to this focus was we unfortunately didn’t have enough time to calibrate everything to it’s fullest potential. Much of this was realized as we worked on several fixes for what was originally intended to be 3.1.

    However, the further we progressed in addressing the issues, the great users of this community ...

  • Rcrn Community, site updated!

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    Hello guys, over the past several days we have upgraded the RCRN Community website in order to enhance performance, as well as better loading times and page sizes.

    We’re also very pleased to say the site has been moved to a more stable server, which will address the stability issues we had experienced throughout the past weeks. Such occasions were certainly as frustrating for us as they may have been for you, and we’re confident you will find this move results in a better and faster navigation experience. We have additionally further upgraded the site security both for us and for our users!

    We would also like to point out the completion our technologies area, which is a nice resource ...