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Last updated at 21:43, 18 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 19:28, 4 Jun 2012

V2: includes a unique + improved HD SteelArmor-Set and Greatsword for Thaiden

My dear friend CaBaL120 created fantastic custom Retextures to make Thaiden's SteelArmor and Thaiden'sThorn truely special items! Both the Armor-Set and the Greatsword have slightly improved stats to make sure Thaiden is well protected on all his Skyrim-Adventures!

IMPORTANT UPDATE INFOs >>> updating from ThaidenV1 to ThaidenV2 should work flawlessly! Both Thaiden-files are now ESP-files!
(if you have the Stenvar-replacing Version installed make sure that after the Update only the esp-file (=V2) remains in your data-folder! > delete ZZZ_Stenvar_Replacer_THAIDEN.esm if it is still there)!
Because I did not really change anything on Thaiden himself (only increase his maximum-level from 80 to 100) it is also possible to just install the new optional "Thaiden'sTreasureChest" to get the new Armor and Greatsword for him ;)!

If you like Thaiden > please leave a comment > He wants to see your name on his list! :D
... and I really appreciate your feedback and support! :)

Both versions of Thaiden the Companion should be compatible with nearly ALL other mods - even Follower overhauls like Better Followers, UFO,...!
All you have to do is make sure to load my esp-file AFTER all other companion mods! Mine is merely a simple texture replacer for Stenvars face and a completly new Follower - so the possibilty of conflicts is practically zero!

INSTALLATION >>> Download manually or with the NMM.
Manual Installation: Unrar, place the data folder in your main Skyrim directory.

I highly recommend that you use Geonox's amazing Face-Textures for Men - not only are they "essential" for Thaidens look
- but they also highly improve all other males in your game! THE BEST MALE FACE-TEXTURES AVAILABLE IMHO - really a MUST HAVE! :D
There are 3 possibilities to download them on the Nexus (choose one of them):

Faces - GeonoxFaces (including smooth option + Coverkhajiits) >>> the recommended "Better Males" Version

Geonox Male Face - Blackbugfix (smooth version) >>> a lower resolution Version for all people with medium/lower end machines
- the textures still look great (the original Geonox-Textures are insanly big!) - there are 3 different texture-sizes available!
This makes it possible to enjoy them without having to fear the "Black-face-bug" - no matter how old your computer is! :)

(High Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox (+ optional smooth Maps) >>> the original file by Geonox)

Skin-Textures + Male Body Replacer

>>> BetterMales Underwear - Slip

or if you prefer naked males - I recommend >>> BetterMales - BodiesNudes - SundraconMeshes

both include several body-hair-options - read the description carefully and install your favorite skintexture! :)

Eyes >>> Covereyes - or any other HD-Eye-retextures (as long as they don't drastically change the grey eyecolor!)

Hair >>> Thaiden's hairstyle is vanilla but I use AOF Believable Hair -Female and Male- for a better hair texture/structure

Alternative Outfit
If you like the outfit Thaiden is wearing in some of my older images you can get the items here:
(the Outfit is not included in my files - you need download them and dress him yourself!) ;)

Barbarian Armor >>> Immersive Armors (or Lore Friendly Armor Pack)
Boots, Gauntlets, Fur Hood >>> Einherjar Armor (Sons of Skyrim Armor)
Cave Bear Cloak >>> Winter Is Coming - Cloaks
Dragonbone Amulet >>> Expanded Jewelry Crafting
Bandolier >>> Bandolier - Bags and Pouches (tight male version!)

Other Important Infos + Mods

To fully enjoy Thaiden and all your other followers I highly recommend UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul!
Some of its features are: New dialog-options (stats, level-up, inventory acceccs,...), Riding + Horses, group commands,
higher follower limit,... and many more! :D
(make sure to load Thaidens esp-file AFTER any follower-tweak/improvement-mods)

My Whiter Teeth Mod improves all teeth, tusks, tongues and fangs in Skyrim - and gives them a more natural and healthy appearance!
(especially important for all Orcs, Argonians, Vampires and Werewolfs!) :)

ENB used in all my Screenshots >>> Jasmin 4,6 Real Graphic ENB

Very nice two-handed animation replacer >>> YY Anim Replacer - Zweihander (I used this poses in some of my images)

If you like Thaiden soo much that you don't want him as companion - but instead prefer him as player-character >>> Thaiden - Level 1 SAVEGAME


A BIG THANK YOU to FalmerBane - the Master of companion-creation - for his help, patience and assistance in creating the non-replacing Thaiden-Version! Make sure to check out his wonderful followers!

Once you have met/hired Thaiden (Stenvar-Replacer-Version) you need to manually fix a gap in his neck (which occurs on most NPC-replacers)
You only need to do this ONCE - from then on it stays fixed (throughout that playthrough)! :)

First - open the game console (click the tilde key ~ right above TAB)

once the console is open - click on Thaiden with your mouse (you should now see some numbers in the console)

now type in: setnpcweight 90 and press enter!

close the console by clicking the tilde key again

>>> The neck-seam is fixed now - but Thaiden has lost his warpaint + "makeup" because of this procedure - no need to worry
all you need to do now is SAVE your game and RESTART it! All should work perfectly from then on!


For more infos, mods (+savegames) and images visit my profile 83Willow