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- Storyline -
Summerset Isle, a Skyrim expansion mod of DLC proportion, continues the story of the Arch-Mage of Winterhold when they are summoned to the land of the Altmer. Mystery and Heroic Fantasy with quest openness to explore, make choices, and mistakes. Your actions will have consequences. In time, learning what went wrong, and those whose lives you have touched or tainted along the way. Summerset Isle uses a lot of references from previous Elder Scrolls titles such as Oblivion, Morrowind and Daggerfall. If you are familiar with those titles than you will find many nostalgic references.

- Features -
A fun and challenging new quest arch of a Bethesda Game Studios concept in the Province
of Summerset Isle.
- 30+ hours of game play.
- 60+ quests.
- 600+ new NPCs.
- 30+ merchants.
- Fully voice acted.
- A number of world spaces including Summerset Isle!
- 5 potential player homes.
- Unique craftable items.
- 12 new custom weapons.
- 30 new foods and drinks.
- 20 new ingredients and new items to harvest.
- Unique buildings.
- Dozens of unique creatures.
- Unique travel system.
- 40+ cities, towns and villages.
- 60+ caves/dungeons to explore.
- Some horror elements and jump-scares.
- Boss and mini-boss battles.
- New spells from a number of schools of magic.
- Recharge your weapons with welkynd stones or the ever so rare soul apple.
- Over 1 hour of custom music.
- Fully navmeshed and tested (follower friendly)
- Lightly scripted, (does not use background or always-running scripts.)

- Disclaimer -
Tired of tropical mods that claim to be system intensive and lore friendly but only offer an "esthetic" backdrop with no quest or dialogue content? This mod might be for you. This mod does not hold your hand, not all markers will lead to quest destinations, you may have to use your map. Not all quests will have markers, you may have to listen to dialogue or read your journal for clues. Some quest progression info is written in books and journals, if you don't read the books, journals or notes, the quests will not seem cohesive. Not all quests are linear, based on how you interact in the quest can determine whether the quest fails, completes or the direction the quest goes. Some quests will not be able to be completed based on play style and choices made. Many hostiles are high level by default and level with the player making many battles life or death, companions are supported and remember, its supposed to be fun. Cheating is not recommended as it will break some quests, user discretion is advised.

- How it Starts -
Once named Arch-Mage, travel to the Frozen Hearth and speak with the courier. More help in included Questguide.doc file.

Official Translations

- Reviews - "Better then the base game."
Dragonporn's Review

- Requirements -
You must be Arch-Mage of Winterhold.
Dawnguard DLC.

- System Requirements -
Minimum VRam 1Gb (some users have reported stable game-play with as little as 512mb)
1.62 Gb Disk Space
Recommended VRam 2Gb or more

- Recommended Mods -

Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) for the memory patch
ENB Boost to expand usable memory
Skyrim Flora Overhaul
Realistic Water Two
iNeed (Summerset Isle was built with iNeed users in mind.)
Rudy ENB

- Installation -
Open file in new window after unzipping.
Open computer\local disk\program files\steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data
Move unpacked file into data folder.
Adjust it to be with your other quest mods.
Summerset Isle needs to be above Verdant Grass in your load order.

Summerset Isle is compatible with literally every mod, there are a couple that edit the core game that minor adjustments must be made for the quests to work properly.

Here is a list of mods that Summerset Isle is compatible with: Compatible mods.

- Mods that edit the BaseID for the Frozen Hearth Inn in Winterhold or that redirect to a different interior cell. Solutions, Uninstall/disable mods that edit the door to Frozen Hearth Inn.

- Mods that give the title of Arch-Mage to someone else, (If you do not give the title away to someone else then you will have no problems)

- Frostfall needs to have Fast Travel enabled initially for Summerset to work. Frostfall 1.35 and higher is supported but only in Summerset Isle, meaning, You must enable fast travel prior to speaking to the courier, but you are free to disable it after you are teleported to Summerset Isle.

- Mods that allow the player to fly are not recommended as many quests expect the player to not be able to fly. If you insist on flying expect some quests to break as many quests use trigger boxes and a flying Arch-Mage was not considered in development.

- Verdant Grass deletes a vanilla ground cover from the game, PineForest03. Summerset Isle uses this vanilla ground cover in many places. The result is that you will have barren ground with no foliage due to this edit. Halo was kind enough to make a patch that adds the vanilla ground cover back to the game which can be found in the downloads section. It is important to note that this pluggin will affect Skyrim too as it is restoring the deleted foliage from Verdant. If you decide to use this patch, make sure it is loaded after Verdant, and that Verdant is loaded after Summerset Isle. If your Verdant is too FPS heavy delete the INI that is included with the Verdant patch)

- ESMifying the esp will break the mod in many ways so it is not recommended or supported.

Current version 1.35

v1.35 change log:
Fixed a mod breaking bug.

v1.30 change log:
Fixed incorrect water LOD type

v1.10 change log:
Fixed a minor issue with Cloudrest Pond.
Fixed bad lighting template in one of the Lillandril cellars.

v1.00 change log:
Uploaded Summerset Isle

Plans for v1.40 (No ETA)
- Land improvements (less open grassy fields, added ground diversity in areas, utilized early reference photo archives to enhance some lackluster areas, some areas still open as there are heavy resource usage, optimization was factored as per usual.)
- Additional map markers for unique, previously unmarked areas.
- Several legendary creatures added.
- More enemy/creature spawn areas.
- Additional player home with small note quest to obtain.
- Lighting enhancements to important locations. (Credit to Halo)
- Custom asset rework for enhanced lighting. (Credit to Halo)

- 12 Additional summons.
- 1 additional creature.
- 2 Additional destruction spells.
- 5 New Enchantments
- Enhanced some existing summons.
- 55 new dungeons/caves/interiors.
- Expanded a few existing cells.
- 1 new encounter class.

- All NPC inventories updated.
- Updated many AI packages to have more people on pathways where suitable.
- 2 new recipes.

- Lovira Falls will be an attainable player home.
- 2 new mini bosses.
- Taller ceilings in some cells.
- 2 new merchants.
- Teleport spells with greater functionality (able to teleport in more areas)
- Map #2 full revamp of clutter/locations/land decor.
- 1 New harvestable.
- 12 New voice acted characters.
- 393 New lines of dialogue.
- 65,500+ edits and improvements based on TESVEdit

- Bsa optimized for lighter install. (Credit to Halo, improved performance for lower end pcs)
- Rare spinning tree issue fix. (Credit to Halo)
- Minor clipping/floating and gaps fix.
- Minor spelling errors fix.
- Improper clothing flags fix.
- Sylwia fix.
- Correctly generated regions.
- Update to all regions to add immersive area specific ambient sounds and weather.
- ITM records (not a bug, TESVEdit is listing 2254 empty cells) (Credit Halo)
- Fixed a harmless script error with Yassanaro. (Did not cause any problems.)
- Fixed a harmless script error calling on a vanilla wall script in Lillandril Dungeons (Did not cause any problems.)
- Fixed new disease not hitting targets.
- Navmesh reworked in some areas to be better optimized.
- Improved collision on Cloudrest stairs (player and NPCs won't get stuck)

- Silyndri's Pass exit fixed.
- Manor Keep Purple note fixed.
- Corrected some AI that was not successful
- Tusamircil's Passage, better pathing for companions.
- Nirn Scar Pass, better pathing for companions.

For more information on the update and to follow my progress, be sure to keep an eye on my development blog

- Donators -

A very special thank you to everyone who decided to show their support through donations. If you have donated and you'd like to be listed here, please send me a pm.

- hutao
- William AR Gonzalez

Thank you.


Q: Can I endorse Summerset Isle twice?
A: No, but if you really like any of my stuff and want to show a little
extra support to me for putting it all together, I do graciously except
any donations.

Q: Is it lore friendly?
A: I didn't make it to be lore friendly or not lore friendly, it is what it is.

Q: Why is it primarily loose files?
A: It runs the smoothest and is most stable with the current structure.

Q: Why did you delete my comment?
A: You posted it in the wrong thread, it seems detrimental, you didn't follow
the sticky or you asked a question that was answered here which implies that
you did not read the FAQ. If you post the same question again I will delete it again.
Three strikes and your out. Or you said will these be coming to console.

Q: Why didn't you answer my question?
A: I am either busy or more likely I have answered it already, you might need
to browse.

Q: Why have I been blocked from your mods?
A: You didn't follow the rules laid out in the stickies, You can still PM me, but be warned, you will only have one chance at that point so make it count.

Q: How do I get back to Skyrim?
A: Complete the first quest.

Q: How do I remove my bounty?
A: Reload your save and try to be more careful. (This is intentional)

Q: Why does Summerset Isle look stunning in some images and poor in others?
A: I made Summerset Isle to utilize some core elements of Skyrim, even though many
assets are custom, Summerset Isle can look vastly different from one persons set-up
to another. I made this decision because while it may not look the best on some users
systems, if you have an amazing set-up it will only compliment the land and look
fantastic, and will only improve with time, automatically.

The idea is, it will borrow from your Skyrim. If your Skyrim looks good, so will Summerset Isle.
A few examples of how different Summerset Isle can look with different setups:
Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5, Image 6, Image 7, Image 8, Image 9

Q: Are there any patches for A, B, or C?
A: There is a link to the supported patches on the description page.

Q: Do you have plans of a less heavy version?
A: Yes, but no ETA.

Q: My College of Winterhold quest-line is bugged, how do I cheat to get to your modded areas?
A: Fix your broken game and don't cheat through my mod.

Q: Where can I post a review or wall of text of my observations?
A: Not here, I'm not interested in reviews, there is a good chance I will
delete it.

Q: How do I fix ILS and crashes?
A: Follow the sticky in the CTD Forum.

Q: Can I install mid game or does it need to be a new game?
A: V1.35 can be installed either way.

Q: Why is there no grass?
A: There is, you need to read the Description page.

Q: Are there any incompatibilities?
A: Not really, read the Description page for more info.

Q: What is the ETA for the Update?
A: Asking won't make it come sooner unfortunately.

Q: Will there be a 64 bit version?
A: I'm not sure, my focus is on the update for now.

Q: Is this mod a part of Beyond Skyrim.
A: No, Summerset Isle was created by me, yourenotsupposedtobeinhere and I do
not belong to Beyond Skyrim or Dark Creations, though I wish them the best regards
to releasing their first worldspace.

Q: Why don't the teleport spells work?
A: They can only be used in exteriors like Skyrim and Summerset Isle.

Q: My question wasn't asked in the FAQ, what now?
A: Check the stickys in the other forums, might be a spoiler or quest related.

Q: Why are the Slugs overpowered?
A: They're not.
Q: Why should I not esmify the mod?
A: Because it breaks Summerset Isle.
Q: If I install your mod will I get fps drop?
A: Maybe. Do you get FPS drop in Skyrim? It would be like that.

Q: Does your mod have spiders in it?
A: Yes, it also has jump-scares, rats, high altitudes, water, confined spaces, open spaces and convoluted mazes.

Q: Will you upload this to Steam?
A: No. This mod is a Nexus exclusive.

Q: Does it work with Immersive College of Winterhold?
A: It is compatible as long as you don't give the position of Arch-Mage away.

Q: Oy, where can I get some patches for this?
A: There are currently two patches available.

Q: What do these patches do?
- RND users can have and additional pluggin to make RND aware of Summerset Isle foods and drinks.
- People who wish to use Arvak or their own modded horse in Summerset Isle can.
- Globally add one set of looping sounds and weather to the new world.

Q: Should I download and use these patches?
A: You can if you would like, but they are not critical.

- I use ineed because I only need one pluggin and it automatically recognizes every mod that adds new food and drinks. If you use RND you might consider how many additional esps you need to patch other mods and compare that to the one esp needed for ineed.

- Arvak is cool, but making it so that he can be cast in Summerset Isle requires editing a vanilla formlist and without the option to cast him I don't need to worry about compatibility issues with editing a vanilla formlist. Plus, you can acquire a horse in Summerset Isle that functions like all vanilla horses. (Chills out after dismounting while occasionally looking at corpses(if any are in it's line of site))

- If you can be patient, I will have an update that correctly adds area specific sounds and weather. The sounds and weather will change dynamically based on where you are, for example, rocky mountain passes will be absent of birds chirping but will add sounds that you would expect in that type of area. Open areas with treas and grass will have a multitude of sounds and weathers to immerse you in. There are many terrain types and they will all have sounds and weather that is appropriate.

Not related to Summerset Isle in any way, but I want to give a shout out to SureAI and the team that worked on Enderal. I think it is a great example of thinking outside the box and a great inspiration to world builders. It is a true testament to just how the limitations to mods and games in general are limited to you're imagination and creativity. I'm also honored that they contacted me in 2013 to ask permission to use some of my textures. Great work guys!