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  • CLIMATES of TAMRIEL 5 & CLARALUX 2015 : Together on Video!

    With JJC71's blessing, I wanted to answer the question many of you have asked about how CLIMATES OF TAMRIEL 5 and CLARALUX 2015 work together to give y'all the best results.

    As you may or may not know, both have been updated in a conspicuously timed tandem-release on the very cusp of nearly everyone we know running off to play FALLOUT 4... haha... 

    With CLARALUX 2015, you can custom tailor your LIGHT LEVELS in game via our MCM to best compliment COT5's amazing new nightscapes.

    So it's said, CLUX doesn't require COT5 and COT5 doesn't require CLUX but they go together very nicely, we think... no add'l patches necessary either.

    My favorite combo (with my custom ENB) is to use COT5's NIGHT LE...



    Forget everything you think you know about CLARALUX!

    We've taken the original concept and rebuilt it from the ground up.

    We've removed the "helper script" which caused all that headache.

    And we're returned with the ONLY MOD IN SKYRIM that will allow you to adapt the LIGHT LEVELS of ALL EXTERIOR LIGHTS to your taste ... wait for it... IN-GAME!

    We've added NEW FIXTURES to NEW AREAS!
    We've altered some of the OLD FIXTURES that I really didn't like!

    We've allowed you to custom tailor your CLARALUX experience without need of additional ESPs muddying up your load-order!