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Completely REBUILT! With IN-GAME LIGHT ADJUSTERS! Adds 100s of new light "fixtures" to WALLED CITIES, FORTS, ROADS, PATHS, and elsewhere. Increases the light output for improved visibility using dark night mods. Basically ELECTRO-CITY for Skyrim ;)

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Forget everything you think you know about CLARALUX!

We've taken the original concept and rebuilt it from the ground up.

We've removed the "helper script" which caused all that headache.

And we're returned with the ONLY MOD IN SKYRIM that will allow you to adapt the LIGHT LEVELS of ALL EXTERIOR LIGHTS to your taste ... wait for it... IN-GAME!

We've altered some of the OLD FIXTURES that I really didn't like!

We've allowed you to custom tailor your CLARALUX experience without need of additional ESPs muddying up your load-order!




CLARALUX 2015 allows you to determine what LIGHT LEVELS best suit your tastes, your weather mod and your ENB configuration... all from within the MCM!

CLARALUX adds hundreds of street posts, torches, hanging lanterns, magic lights, etc, etc, etc to help enhance the SKYRIM experience while using mods that make nights darker. You can also use it with VANILLA and mods that DON'T make nights darker, but in that case it'd just be cosmetic since VANILLA night is more like "blue sunlight" than moonlit (and yes, I understand that the game has a built-in "iris", but still, it's awfully bright out there).

At all TOWNS, VILLAGES and CABINS (as appropriate) you'll find more LIGHT SOURCES.

Many EXTERIOR lights are boosted in order to improve visibility from afar.

LIGHTPOSTS are added on all major roads in order to aid nighttime travel and YOU can control how many appear.

On well-travelled PATHS you will find TORCHES.

At most of the FORTS you will find an increase in torches and the inclusion of large bonfires to dissuade attackers from taking advantage of nightfall.

At major walled cities you will find more LIGHTING DESIGN and the addition of more lighting.

You might come across a CLARALUX engineer who's job it is to build and maintain the lights.

And the best part? ALL of the features are optional and are configured via the in-game MENU!


Loosely translated (via Google...haha) it means "BRIGHT LIGHT" or "BEAUTIFUL LIGHT". Seemed appropriate and has a nice ring to it.

I have a feeling some of you are saying “didn’t CLARALUX break games?”, so I’ll just dive into that for a moment…

Once again, you may have noticed that I’ve opted to return to update an old file with a negative reputation for causing troubles – rather than make a new one with a new name… why?

I have come back in order to restore the reputation of a mod I was quite proud of before handing it over after v3.

The notion of in-game LIGHT ADJUSTING is something of a square-peg in a round hole with Skyrim, but it was something I wanted to conquer.  With the aid of the WARZONES 2015 team, we rejiggered everything.

So let’s talk about the past for a moment… CLARALUX was the cause of “bloating” due – in total – to the HELPER script which had an errant UPDATE loop.  This issue was reparable via SKSE fairly early on in the life of Skyrim, but alas, it didn’t catch on until too late…
I didn’t write that script and I didn’t know it was a problem (for some) for years while I was onto other things in real-life…

No excuses, it happened… moving on…

In recent months, I reverted CLARALUX’s main file to V2A, which was stable and had some ability to be configured in game via console commands… light levels were handled by additional ESPs…

Now, this method of having multiple ESPs for “options” doesn’t bother me, per se, but since I mod for fun and as a way to challenge myself, I wasn’t satisfied…

Once we’d rebuilt WARZONES, it seemed only reasonable to restore CLARALUX using similar methods…

And here we are.

CLARALUX 2015 is just about everything I wanted to make a few years ago, only with the benefit of the experience of WARZONES 2015 and the expertise of my coding-mentor, DEAPRI.

I hope you enjoy CLARALUX 2015.

  • MyGoodEye


Y'know, it's a bit of a work-in-progress. If you have comments, high praise, bug reports, etc please leave them in the COMMENTS section. I will be reading them regularly.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy!

- David (MyGoodEye)