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Optional plugin for Deadly Dragons

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Optional standalone plugin for Deadly Dragons, uploaded here to avoid confusion during NMM installation.

The Armory

Crafting works a bit differently once you have installed the "Deadly Dragons Armory" mod. With it, dragons will also drop new alchemy items, soul shards & Dragon soul-gems, rare gems, and "Armor Pieces". Most of these items are actually crafting materials for the new equipment sets that have been added to the game. To craft these epic items, you must collect the required materials and proceed to the smelter. There you may craft the unenchanted armor pieces of your choice. Once finished, you may enchant them yourself, or take them to any blacksmith's forge and upgrade them to pre-enchanted upgrade. Soul shards can be turned into Dragon Soulgems under the "Misc" section of the Forge and "Magic Dust" is crafted at the tanning rack.

With the release of the v4.3, update, nine new weapons are now a part of the "Armory" file. These weapons are NOT craftable by the player and can only be found from slain dragons. Happy hunting!

Note: The various crafting recipes are tied to your character level. You will not be able to craft/see most of the new items when starting a new game. By level 30 you should have everything available to you.


Armor meshes & textures: GarryG, Sader, Justice, serfernet2, Draco1122, zackdip, dfacto, Shinokage, nevenbridge, Omegared99, Jena Angela

Description & Readme: I2edShift
User Support: Oyabankyuubi
Deadly Dragons logo: SilversParlor

Sorry for my English in comments and many thanks to I2edShift for this awesome description.