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Adds many new collectible death items for the creatures of Monster Mod.

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Skyrim Monster Mod Additions - Collectables V6

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German Translation

Changelog 31/07/2012 - Compatible with Momod V8

-Added Daedroth Teeth
-Added Creeper Eye
-Added Cave Lurk Eggs
-Created new death items for all the new creatures

Changelog 29/05/2012 - Compatible with Momod V7

-Fixed the Drake invisibility bug
-Changed some ingredient values to avoid bad potions, for example the giant toe types and falmer ears
-Added Ice and Fire Giant Toes
-Added Fire Giant Heart
-Scaled the Ogre heart to be larger
-Balanced the Drake death items
-Retextured the Durzog Skin to comply with the new one
-Added Hunger Skin
-Added collectable Bones lootable from Momod Skeletal creatures. If you collect the right bones and a paper roll you can create a scroll at the forge that will allow you to summon these creatures for 2 minutes! No perks or conditions required.
-Added Hyena Pelt
-Snow Devil Eye and Claw
-Balrog Skull

Changelog 28/04/2012 - Sorts item naming and sorting, bear pelt quest item compatibility, more items and recipes

-Baby mammoth tusk, can be ground into tusk powder using the smelter
-Triceratops skin, breaks down to leather at the tanning rack
-Ogre heart
-Drake egg, red and green types

Changelog 23/04/2012 - V3 Adds more items and recipes

-Gave the Momod V5 creatures custom death items
-New Steel scrap items, for the steel dwemer automatons with smelting options - Steel scrap for steel ingots.
-Rot meat (poisonous) and cooked rot meat, cook the raw meat with deathbell to make a poten poisonous meat. Works the same way the poison apples did in tes4.
-Drowner scales
-Gargoyle horn
-Gargoyle chunk
-Digested rat meat
-New cyclops eye mesh and texture

Changelog 18/04/2012 - V2 Adds lots more items with some unique meshes from dogtown1 (thanks again!), fixes the wereWOLF pelt names

New items

-Griffon Claw
-Griffon feathers
-Vampire skull
-Ancient carved skull
-Cyclops skull
-Dragon skull
-Dargon bones, 22 new types*
-Dragon scales, 19 new types*
-Werewolf head, 4 types

*The new dragon bones and scales are not used for crafting at this point, some more testing is needed before I can release crafting recipes. You will still find regular ones for crafting when you kill a dragon.


This mod aims to build on the immersion of Skyrim Monster Mod by adding new items to the new creatures. For example when you kill a Werecat you will find it's own type of pelt when you loot it, and when you kill a Poison Shade you have a chance to find Poison Shade Meal!
Along with all these new items are more crafting and alchemy possibilites leading to a few new potion effects and spells, for more details see the changelog above and the initial item list below.

This mod is part of the Momod Additions series that aims to expand on the Monster Mod experience, through lore and non-lore friendly means which are available as different mods so you can choose your favourite one(s) to use.

Included Items (some have the same name as base types but have new properties and textures):


-Abomination flesh
-Bear claws, 2 new types
-Wildcat tail
-Cyclops claw
-Eye of the cyclops
-Giant cyclops horn
-Eye of the giant cyclops
-Daedra silk
-Daedra venin
-Durzog skin
-7 types of falmer ear including dark ear and scamp ear
-4 types of giant toes including brute toe
-Mudcrab chitin, 2 new types
-Eye of sabre cat (blue)
-Sabre cat tooth
-Scamp skin
-Shade meal
-Shade void salts
-Skeever tail, 2 new types
-Astral salts
-Spirit Taproot
-Taproot, 2 new types
-Wisp wrapping, 3 new types

Misc items

-Cave bear pelt
-Snow bear pelt
-Chaurus chitin, 4 new types
-Glass shards
-Sabre cat pelts, 4 new types
-Steel centurion dynamo core
-Werecat pelt
-Werewolf pelts, 4 new types
-Wolf pelts, including red, tundra, and vampire


-Mammoth young snout, craftable to mammoth young steak
-Durzog meat, craftable to durzog chop
-Leg of durzog, found as loot

Most of these items give the opportunity for more craftable items

-A lot of the ingredients have new properties giving wider alchemy possibilities
-All pelts are used the same way as vanilla ones through the tanning rack

At the forge...

-Cyclops skull can be ground into 3 bone meal
-Dragon skulls can be turned to dragon bone
-Glass shards can be forged into malachite ingots
-Steel Centurions generate 3 steel ingots


Dogtown1 for making Monster Mod and for making some of the new items, and thanks for all the help with this and other mods ;D


Skyrim Monster mod v7, download here


Unpack the BSA and ESP into the Steam\Steamapps\Common\Skyrim\Data, To uninstall just remove the 2 files.


Everything this mod has been added to most of the Monster Mod creatures and to levelled lists so that they can be looted and bought through vendors, so any mod that adds items to vendors, misc, or alchemy lists may conflict.