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This is a mod that features a collection of traps that include:
- [Spell-casting trap that cast spells in various manners and can be set to fire aimed spell on the fly
- Teleportation traps that transport players and NPC's in any pre-determined locations
- Guardian traps that summon pre-determined NPC'

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****REGARDING DAWNGUARD****: The Dawnguard DLC introduces a bug that prevents custom dialogues from working for save games that do not have the said mod activated (i.e. it does not affect games that already use the mod). The fix would be to save instantly with the mod activated and reload. This procedure only needs to be followed once. For more information, this is a thread from the official forums.

Also available in Skyrim Special Edition:

Update (June 17, 2012): Version 1.3 released and I didn't realize the host took the mod website down, so I had to put it back up.

Regarding latest update: There is no player-related feature released in Version 1.3. It's strictly a release for other modders who wanted to make dungeons or encounters with it.

Website (must read):

My other mods:
House guests -

How to get:
1. Go to Arcanaeum of the Winterhold College
2. Read the book that has mage light casted on it. This will port you to a different room
3. You will be ported to a merchant who sells everything you need

This is a mod (Download) that features a collection of utility devices that are designed to add more flavour to the dungeon-crawling experience. Features include:

Spell-casting traps: Devices that fire spells upon trigger. They can each be told to store an "aimed" spell, which they can use to devastating efficiency.

Teleportation nodes: Inter-connected devices that can transport the player and NPC's to anywhere in Skyrim - Be it the High Heavens or Maven Blackbriar's bed.

Summoning Node: Devices that can store and summon pre-determined NPC's to guard a location.

Additional Features: A few custom spells are also included into the mix.

Important note: Forced resets of cell buffer will delete all devices (permanent or not) and may cause issues with characters summoned to the affected cells. As a result, "pcb" and related console commands should be used with discretion.

More details are found in the mod's website.