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Adds all new items which can be crafted at the forge.

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 DSR Compatibility Patch by Clevon is now up!

With that said, some of the blade normal maps are saved as ARGB8X32, which is uncompressed. Bethesda introduced instability issues with their engine in their first Fallout 4 update, which have apparently carried over to SSE. This means that uncompressed textures have the potential to crash the game. As for the meshes, some folks have had issues with the bows and hats. If you use the Nif Optimizer for SSE it will cure these issues right up. :)

Vanilla Weapon Replacer by Leadpipejustice.

1m BETA is up.
Yeah, it's still a beta at the moment. I still haven't finished the new hats and helmets... but there are a ton of new items.
Please see the readme in the download for more information.

1k BETA is up!
The mod has pretty much doubled in content. Some items are still not complete, such as some of the new hats and helmets aren't finished for all races, and some of the new textures aren't polished.
The new items are not listed below.

Deutsch 1kbeta
Deutsch 1mbeta

I want to give a big, warm, fuzzy thank you to those who have made donations! It really means a lot. :)

Originally posted March 4, 2012
"due to the conflict of interest created by the Steam Workshop attempting to claim ownership of modders' IP, I must insist that nothing I create ever has the potential of being uploaded there."

You will be hit with a DMCA take down. is pulling the same crap.

Duke Patrick's spear mod can be found here:

Open Studio's Blender Tutorials:

Bob's Armory Clothing: Dream Girl Edition is now up. It is beta.

Requests are currently closed due to time constraints.
All items can be crafted, and everything except the hats and rings, which are clothing, can be upgraded.
Several items are now in the leveled lists. Any request items, and other items I felt didn't go well, were left out of the leveled items, so as not to distract from full game immersion. Kematu and 3 of his personal guards have an assortment of Kilij, Bork, Sipar, Khanjar and Chichak placed directly into their inventories to make them a bit more unique. They don't use the items though, so consider them loot if you decide to kill them.

There are a wide variety of weapons, many from requests.

I know I've continually stated that no regular shields will be made, but I couldn't resist making a new sipar and madu (I had been planning to make a new one since before Skyrim's release)... so now there is a regular shield included.

There are now around 300+ items. The following list is woefully outdated.

Bronze Ceremonial Dagger
Bronze Ceremonial Great Sword
Dragon Claw Dagger
Great Maul
Imperial Mace
Jan Daona (Indian -Migrant Mongol to America, not Eastern- club)
Jan Weti (Indian -Migrant Mongol to America, not Eastern- club)
Khajiit Dagger
Konnudr (long bow)
Lei O Mano (Hawaiian shark tooth axe)
Madu (light and heavy versions)
Nadr (long bow)
Nidingr (long bow)
Ormurinn Langi (long bow)
Sauron's Mace
Stormcloak Mace

Baedenhander (flamberge)
Baedenhander Schild (flamberge shield)
Bec de Corbin (military pick)
Bidenhander Blau (flamberge blue ricasso)
Bidenhander Rot (flamberge red ricasso) (haha I said I was going to use all of the diferent medieval spellings for 'two hander'! )
Bone Sword
Broken Bardiche (one handed bardiche) two versions
Broken Huscarl Axe (1 handed version of the Huscarl axe)
Brynjubitr (Viking sword)
Duan Miodog (Kidney Dagger) 2 versions
Ceremonial Halberd
Chichak (light helmet)
Chichak Agir (heavy helmet)
Chrono Blade
Chrono Shield
Drow Glaive of Gore
Falcata Sciath (Shield, light and heavy)
Fjorsvafi (Viking sword)
Gebrochen Hellbarde (one handed halberd version)
Gryffindor's Sword
Hartabitr (fancy Viking style sword)
Horned Helm (fantasy viking helmet)
Horned Helm Aventail (viking helmet with an aventail to cover vanilla hairline imperfections on humans, elves and orcs)
Huscarl Axe
Jade Dagger
Jeweled Sword (request made from original concept art)
Kadeh (Vampire Goblet dagger) Happy Halloween!
Katana Shi-Rudo (light shield)
Katana Shi-Rudo Gyaku (inverted light shield)
Katzbalger Kurz (dagger version of the katzbalger short sword)
Khanjar (dagger)
Khanjar (light shield)
Khanjar Agir (heavy shield)
Khopesh (Egyptian sword)
Klingenbrecher (sword breaker) 2 versions
Klingenbrecher Kurz (dagger versions of the sword breakers) 2 versions
Klingenbrecher Schild (sword breaker shield) 2 versions
Kvernbitr (Viking sword)
Lindiskjoldr (Authentic Viking shield light and heavy versions) Rawhide Strips (tanning rack) and Cheese glue (coking pot) ingredients needed.
Main Gauche (shield)
Mangbetu Skien (North African dagger)
Morion (Spanish helm)
Neter (Egyptian axe)
Nordic Axe (variant of the Huscarl axe)
Nordic Helm (real Viking helm)
Nordic helm Camail (Vendel style Viking helm)
Partisan 2 versions
Randgrid (huscarl axe shield light and heavy versions)
Ruby Dagger
Saif (two handed scimitar)
Saif Kara (Black two handed scimitar)
Saif Kucuk (one handed scimitar - black)
Saif Kucuk Kalkan (scimitar shield light)
Saif Kucuk Kalkan Agir (scimitar shield heavy)
Seax (4 variations)
Sempach Halberd
Sipar (light shield)
Sipar Agir (heavy shield)
Skadi (huscarl one hand axe)
Svartingr (Viking sword)
Svartleggja (ornate huscarl axe)
Vampire Hunter's Blade
Vendel Helm
Vidr Ox (standard Viking farm axe)
Vigr (Viking spear with great sword animations)
Wakizashi Shi-Rudo (light shield)
Wakizashi Shi-Rudo Gyaku (inverted light shield)
Witch Mace
Yataghan 2 versions

Elven Blade
Legolas' Dagger

6th House Orcish War Axe
Orcish Morion
Orcish Reforged 6th Hammer (a more Orcish looking version of the 6th house bell hammer)
Orcish Scimitar

Karliah's Dagger (only needs steel smithing perk)
Tepis (Vampire daggers) only needs steel smithing perk

Bear Claw Pendant (Sunstone for females and Thor's Hammer for males by request)
Engraved Silver Ruby Ring
Eye of Palla (ring)
Kucha Kidani (amulet)
Orcish Ring

Akaviri Hat (Mongol Style) Adjusted to hide the imperfections on the hairline.
Backward D Hat (Vampire Hunter's Hat, but backward)
Bork (Ottoman hat with white cloth) With plumes by default (no plumes version in Optional Files section)
Bork Kara (Ottoman hat with black cloth) With plumes by default (no plumes version in Optional Files section)
Bow Staff (ingredient for long bow)
Coachman's Hat
Jingasa (Samurai style hat) 3 versions
Kadeh (Vampire Goblet clutter) Happy Halloween!
Keipe (Viking backpack)
Landsknechtmutze (foot soldier's hats) 4 versions
Mganga Kofia (witchdoctor mask)
Sombrero De Alatriste (Spanish wide brim hat)
Sombrero de Berberecho (Spanish Puritan Hat) 2 versions
Swordstaff (staff/sword) Has chain lightning enchantment
Tricorne (Pirate Hat) 3 versions -Forward is forward point-
Vampire Hunter D Hat
Veiled Alik'r Hood (female only- males will wear the Bork Kara)
Veiled Circlet Alik'r Hood (female only- males will wear Bork Kara)

Bow Strings (ingredient for long bows) requires linnen wraps.
Bow String Knocks (ingredient for long bow) requires large or small antlers.
Rawhide Strips (ingredient for shield) requires deer hide or pelt.

Cheese Glue (ingredient for shield) requires Cheese wheel (goat or eider) and 4 bone meal.
Cheese slices for 3 and 1 glue recipes are now in this list.

All items have been named in their respective original languages, save for the fantasy requests, so no translations are necessary.


Update 1m.

The new hats still aren't complete for both sexes and for beast races.
Updates are going very slowly due to health issues. My left arm is shut down from nerve damage.

Over 300 in multiple categories. I stopped updating the readme list a few uploads back.
The spears are mostly two handed batle axe. They have spear in their names for those using spear animation mods.

There is a set of Viking shield PSD files in the Optional section for those who want to customize the Lindis shield.
Huge overhaul to existing items to fix corrupted inventory data. They will now show correctly at the forge. Added in a ton of new items. See list for details.
Also added in a few new ingredients:
Cooking Pot:
Cheese Glue- require cheese wheel (goat or eider) +4 bone meal -required for Lindiskjoldr shields.

Tanning Rack:
Rawhide Strips- require deer hide or pelt -required for Lindiskjoldr shields.
Bow Strings- require linnen wraps -required for the new long bows.
Bow String Knocks- require large or small antlers -required for the new long bows.

Bow Staff- require firewood -required for the new long bows.

Major overhaul for meshes and textures, along with a few new items.

Patch 1h
Rebuilt Veiled Alik'r hood meshes to resolve some lighting issues that were annoying me.

Added in several new items and did more alterations to normal maps of existing items, along with fixing a few meshes.

Fixed a hosed normal map for the Gum, Korean bronze sword. Added in a bronze ceremonial great sword.

Adds several new items and changes are made to existing items to help those who must use low graphics settings.

Added the 6th House Bell Hammer and updated a few more environment maps.
Main files, Bobsarmory and update 1e are BOTH required for the leveled lists.

Fixed Neter to work in either hand, and moved it to the Steel category.
Updated several environment maps.
Fixed the Akaviri hat so it hides that bald spot in the vanilla hairline meshes.

Added more items and adjusted 2 textures.

Added in several new request items.

Fixed improper spelling of Klingenbrechen
Beast races no longer fear the new hats. No more chef hats popping up.
Added light and heavy versions of remaining and new weapon shields.
Added in several items, many by request.

The hats used in conjunction with any of the Sims hair ports will cause the hair to vanish. It's due to the Sims hair port mods not being correctly set up with proper dismemberment selections and proper hairline meshes. It isn't this mod causing it. It's a bug in the hair port mods, which is a shame, because those are some cool hair meshes. What they would need to do to fix their hair is go into Max, or Blender, and in the dismemberment poly selection list, grab certain faces and assign them to their respective categories, so that only the top of the hair vanishes when hats are worn. Try out the default chef's hat and you will see the same bug happen.
Do not ask me to modify my hats, which work correctly, to show hair sticking through them because of someone else's mod.