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Adds the Fire Giant Race to Skyrim. Now with 12 Giant Camps/Locations to encounter them. Giants now with fire abilities, appearance, and weapons! Possess their unique weapons by defeating the boss.

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[size=6.0em] THE FIRE GIANTS OF SKYRIM [/size]

Thank you to SomeoneSuperior for making a mod spotlight for the mod:

VERSION 0.865b now up

WHAT THIS MOD DOES: The standalone (currently 0.86b) Adds the Fire Giant Race to the game. Currently there are 12 locations where Giants can be encountered and you can see them on your map. They will not all be labelled as Giant Camps simply because not all of them are. Giants now have innate fire abilities and resistances, fire attacks, and fire-themed weapons. Current version allows you to pick between your giants being on fire and leaving fire trails similar to flame atronachs, or just being on fire and not leaving trails. You can also (and I recommend) installing one of the appearance options over v0.86b to get the giants' appearance to your liking. See pics for examples of options.

3/29/12: v0.865b adds new appearance options to fire giants which are viewable on the images page. There are currently 3 options to choose from. Option 1 is the default with no added fiery effects to the giants. I do recommend picking one of these options and installing as they all have texture and normal map upgrades for the giants themselves and their outfits

3/23/12: v0.86b addresses issues with unique weapon characteristics not displaying properly in
inventory, further characteristics added to weapons including unique enchantments and sounds

3/22/12: v0.85b will fix a number of locational lighting and shadow issues, fixes more terrain problems, and fixes the unique weapon issue with the giant Bosses. There are now 2 unique Boss weapons that can be acquired by defeating the respective Giants. See SPOILERS below if you want the quick way to get to them ;)

This is a beta of a new mod that will be adding the Fire Giant race to Skyrim's wilds.

INSTALLATION: Install one version of 0.86b using NMM or manual install. Then if you want one of the separate appearance options, just install that over the 0.86b version, and it will overwrite those meshes and textures while keeping the fire giants.esp intact.

For basic install just use NMM or just paste the "data" folder into your Skyrim folder. Make sure you have the "fire giants" esp activated in NMM or the data files section of the skyrim launcher.

To then add a different appearance option, paste the "data" folder from the appearance folder of your choice into the "Skyrim" folder and overwrite.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON UPGRADING: I have been having problems with NMM using old textures, meshes, or esps (or maybe it's just me). In any case, I would recommend you deactivate and delete any previous version of Fire Giants before installing the new one.

UNINSTALLATION: just deactivate w NMM Or delete the "firegiant" folder from your "data/meshes/actors folder", delete the "firegiant" folder from your "data/textures/actors" folder, and delete the firegiants.esp from your "data" folder.

COMPATIBILITY: I haven't found anything it's incompatible with yet. It does seem that in some cells when too much is loaded at once, that the game can crash. An example would be this mod sharing a cell with WARZONES and everything spawning at once. This seems to be rare and may be related to performance more than anything else. It also may produce ridiculously amazing and epic battles.

If you also want to add FROST GIANTS to your game then check out my other mod:


for an even more amazing experience I recommend combining this mod with the "Height adjusted races with true giants" mod by EvilDeadAsh34


Credits to Blackjack90 and Laserwerewolf for support, suggestions, and playtesting

SPOILER ALERT: There are 2 unique weapons that can be acquired by defeating the bosses that own them
1) Vulcan - an ancient greatsword passed down to Tribal leaders of the Fire Giants, wielded by the current Vulcan, who can be found at Scalding Rock
2) Ashfist - a powerful enchanted club wielded by the mighty Warlord of the Fortress of Ash