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The central hub for assets for all of mods that fall under the "ColdSun's Pantheon" brand. Consists of assets from many popular mods, most notably BNP Skin and Eyes by Swefrida, which was the central reason for this new asset hub. All permissions granted.

Permissions and credits

This is a backport of ColdSun's Pantheon - Assets mod with permission from the author coldsun1187. The description below is from the original mod.

Pantheon is a series of Followers and NPC Replacers that I consider to be my top tier quality. I've taken all I've learned and tried to make improvements across the board. You really shouldn't be using any of my old mods that aren't labeled with the Pantheon logo. First of all, they just aren't as good. Second, they aren't being updated at all. I plan to continuously update Pantheon mods and also provide new ones in the series over time. Follow me here on Nexus to say when I make updates to my mods. So what is different about Pantheon mods verus my ColdSun's World mods?

  • 4K Skin Diffuse instead of 8K Diffuse - better optimization
  • Normalization of plugin records and assets - reusing assets that are common over and over for better performance
  • Using the best skin currently available in Skyrim SE - BNP Skin by Swefrida and Khisartin.
  • Using superior eye mods from past creations
  • Almost every single NPC was touched - new makeup, sometimes completely new facial designs, new hairstyles

This is the Assets mod for Pantheon. It is required for every mod labeled with the Pantheon name. Download the version which fits your body type.

There are many benefits to using asset hub mods like this one:

  Assets like NIF files and DDS textures that are commonly used over and over on followers and replacers are placed in the asset mod and are no longer taking up all that extra space on your hard drive by having the same duplicate files for each follower or replacer

 Since we are pointing to these commonly used assets in each mod's plugin file (example: skin textures), we are saving a vast amount of texture memory for your other mods because we not loading a different texture asset for each follower.  Imagine the savings on 100+ NPC replacers.

So what's in this mod exactly?

NIF Files - common head and hair NIF files.
DDS Files - common body, eye, and hair texture files.
Blankdetailmap.DDS - fixes seams on the neck for even the most detailed ENB.

Bodyslide Preset - The Pantheon body preset for the body you use (3BA/CBBE or BHUNP). Allows you to slide outfits to the Pantheon body with bodyslide.

These mods are recommended to get the best use out of my mods. Some of my voiced-followers have their own follower system and can't be imported to things like EFF or NFF - so I've included at least one outfit management mod to help you dress your voiced followers. There are many of them on Nexus, I just posted one of my favorites. You also don't need the full install of High Poly Head for any of my mods to work.

Dress Up Lovers Outfit Management
Bathing Beauties or Beefcakes Luxury Suite
Simple Outfit System
Nether's Follower Framework
Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
Expressive Facegen Morphs SE
Expressive Facial Animation -Female Edition 

swefrida and khisartin - (BNP) Skin and Eyes - the best stuff and what makes Pantheon my favorite update yet
wammy - Eyes of Beauty AI Remastered
Koralina - All Makeup-related mods and brows,Even More Eyes
migal130 and SilverWolfMNG - BHUNP body preset
khisartin - Alt1 Brows and other amazing skyrim cosmetic mods
PraedythXVI - Weapons Collection 1
D-Easy - Synergy - Specialized Follower Classes
Kalilies and Stealthic - KS Hairdos Renewal
lemonbalmtea - HG Hairdos 2
ShinglesCat - SC - KS Hairdos Retextured
KouLeifoh - High Poly Head LE
Niroku - Expressive Facegen Morphs
Ousnius and Caliente - CBBE
Acro748 - 3BA Body
Baka - BHUNP Body
Ousnius and Caliente - Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
Pocky - 4K Human Female Makeup
Redprincess79 - Realistic Hair Colors
missjennabee and Nazenn - Improved Eyes SE
Docteure - Eyes of Beauty SE