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Author samuelga24 - Port by Xtudo

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DAR mod that allows you to get visibly drunk whenever you become intoxicated by using Ineed's, Realistic Needs and Diseases, CACO's, Immersive needs and other similar mods. DAR. No ESP.

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Drunk or drugged animations (DAR) LE
Author samuelga24 - Port by Xtudo

Description (Small details that make big differences)
This DAR mod dynamically plays drunken animations whenever you get intoxicated by using the alcohol/drug system of any of the different mods listed down, adding the so needed visual display of being intoxicated aside from the blurry screen and the occasional stumbling.
Edited some vanilla animations to have them look like drunk animations for a lot of the actions you do in Skyrim, there are Idle, running and walking, sneaking, seated in chairs, tables and barstools animations, also there are animations for when weapons are drawn, when using fists and magic.
Player only animations.

- SE-AE version here.


Especial thanks
  • To samuelga24 and to my lovely Patreons and supporters.

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