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Enemies taunt you, but it serves no purpose in vanilla. Well, no more! Now YOU can also taunt them as well! And even hiss at them!

This mod is a LE Backport of the original mod by JaySerpa.

Permissions and credits
NOTE: I am not the original mod creator. I merely backported this mod with JaySerpa's permission. If you require assistance on how to play the mod, please ask on the original SE Mod Page. However, do let me know about technical issues in as much detail as possible.

Due to the unavailability of Dynamic Animation Casting for LE, NPCs cannot receive the damage boost from taunting with this mod, but it should otherwise work as normal. Personally, I recommend combat difficulty mods to make taunting a risky move.

Modified mod page description follows:


Taunt Your Enemies

  • Ability (or hotkey) to taunt your enemies
  • Taunting comes with an animation and sound (menacing grunting!)
  • Sounds differ per race: Khajiit might HISSSSSS at their enemies, Argonians might make lizzard noises, etc.
  • Taunting an enemy gives you 25% more damage for 10 seconds, but leaves you open for an enemy attack
  • You might think this is a silly feature (and so I thought too) but I've been using it this week for my own character and it's a lot of fun. It's hard to explain, it just adds more strategy to fights and it gives you something else to instinctively do during fights and I'm all for it

Mod comes with an MCM so you can configure/enable the hotkey, hide the ability in your menu and configure the sound.

  • Taunting for the player has no mod requirements.

〜Andrew, Ares, Macpherb, Red Nick〜
& everyone who is supporting me on Patreon or via other means
Thank you! Your support means a lot!

- Anything to watch out for in terms of compatibility?
No, the mod edits no vanilla records, so 0 clashes.

- Is this compatible with mods that change the taunting animation?

- Can I use an ability/hotkey to activate this?
Yes, mod comes with an MCM for this reason.

- Is the mouth animated while grunting?
Yes, if you're using MFG (With Conditional Expressions for example). Mouth movement is disabled by default as usually you can't see the front of your character while in combat, but you can enable it in the MCM if you want.

- Can I install this mid-game?

 - What are you working on next?
I have a cool mod for conjurers/necromancers in the works, which should release relatively soon. Stay tuned for that one. Once that one is out in August, there'll be a big poll on Patreon* for you to vote on possible ideas for future mods. We'll see from there.

*Please note that none of my mods are ever hidden behind a paywall. Nexus always comes first. Supporting me is a "thank you" more than anything else. Don't worry if you can't join Patreon, I still love you all the same. Or do I?

 - I need MOAR!
Feel free to check the summary of all my main releases these past 2 years! Yep, it's been 2 years since I published my first mod. It's been quite the journey. Take a look and you might walk out with a couple new mods.